1.0.12 [JAN 14, 2019]
Made PHP 7.2 as the recommended version of the plugin. We will continue supporting PHP 5.6 till March and will then move the support to at least PHP 7
Added a Shortcode for the Review Schema to show the output on the frontend according to Google’s guidelines. All older posts where Review Schema is used, the output will display below the content
Added easier integration with the WPML plugin to help translate the strings easily
Added CodeCanyon’s TOC plugin to the list of compatible plugins
Added an option in Export Settings to Export the Redirections
Improved JS files and it’s now 55KB smaller
Fixed the compatibility with the bbPress plugin. Now you can enjoy the same functions on your forums as well
Fixed CMB2 issues with the other plugin using the same class names
Fixed the redirection option not working in the post settings section
Fixed the nagging of the SEO Notice. It will go away once dismissed
Some massive improvements under the hood. You can expect a faster plugin with this version
Continued moving the things to the API

1.0.11 [JAN 08, 2019]
Fixed PHP 5.6 compatibility issues and related notices

1.0.10 [JAN 07, 2019]
Added a new filter to change Breadcrumb items
Added a new test to the SEO Analysis module
Improved the working of Google Search Console. It will now only display the website currently being used, not all other websites linked to your account.
Improved the generation and working of default robots.txt file
Improved the bootloader API
Improved the Focus Keyword content test when more than four words are used in the Focus Keyword.
Fixed an issue with the sentiment analysis as it wasn’t working properly in some rare cases.
Fixed Rollbar warnings so they won’t bother you again. It will work behind the scene just like it is supposed to.
Fixed an issue with the Product Snippet gets mixed up with the Breadcrumb Schema
Fixed a compatibility issue with Elementor where you couldn’t scroll past the initial screen in post editor when both plugins were active.
Fixed an issue with the WPML plugin. It should work fine now.
Fixed an issue with the excerpt_only tag when used to generate automatic SEO meta descriptions
Fixed an issue with the registration form
Fixed setup wizard errors and warnings
Fixed an error with the Breadcrumb & Contact shortcode
Fixed a Social share error
Fixed some unexpected Errors with WooCommerce
Fixed the sitemap command
Fixed a major issue with the Thrive Architect plugin
Fixed the PHPUnit
Fixed an issue with the Focus Keyword test where the test wasn’t working when a word was repeated in the Focus Keyword
Fixed an issue with the Product Snippet getting mixed up with the Breadcrumb schema
Fixed an issue with the image size notification when adding OG Image
Fixed an issue with the import of redirections from the Redirection plugin
Removed the setup notice on the registration page
Important performance related additions

1.0.9 [DEC 26, 2018]
Removed debug functions from the plugin to make the Redirections work properly

1.0.8 [DEC 26, 2018]
Added new fields for Product Schema in accordance to latest product schema changes recommended by Google
Added a Pinterest validator to External Tools in SEO Analysis
Added some minor CSS tweaks to the author pages on the frontend
Improved the Readability Score algorithm to take into consideration the usage of codes inside your text
Improved the Breadcrumbs functionality which now adds page numbers when a user enters a paginated series
Improved the display of automated titles inside the Rank Math single post editor meta box
Fixed an issue with WooCommerce notices where an error message wasn’t visible when Rank Math was active
Fixed the Undefined index: access_token error on some installations
Fixed an issue with JS Console on new Rank Math installations
Fixed conflict with the Sensei LMS plugin, now Rank Math single post editor box appears in the custom post types
Fixed and improved OG image and Twitter tags on taxonomy pages
Fixed a bug in the focus keyword when underscore is used in it
Fixed an issue with OpenGraph fields on author archive pages
Improved cron job handling when Google Search Console account is removed from the Rank Math settings
Removed Rank Math’s CSS file from loading on the frontend when the admin bar is disabled

1.0.7 [DEC 18, 2018]
Fixed an issue with the color coding of focus keywords when you moved their position to the first place
Fixed a bug with the Google Search Console
Fixed a redirection issue happening with Regex patterns
Fixed an issue with PHP 7.3 where users were getting an error related to switch case
Fixed an issue with the admin bar, top menu options were not working
Fixed an issue with comparing url_encoded string with Focus Keyword so that they can work with other languages
Fixed noindex was not being appropriately added to the Paginated Pages on the Homepage
Fixed author custom URL option was not working
Added full compatibility with the WP Rocket cache plugin
Changed the text inside the sitemaps to make it clearer
Optimized the detection of internal and external links in Gutenberg blocks
Improved Redirection notices so that the errors and messages are more clear

1.0.6 [DEC 11, 2018]
Added compatibility for the Classic Editor plugin
Fixed a typo in the tests

1.0.5 [DEC 10, 2018]
Improved: deeper code changes to make the plugin lightweight and faster
Enhanced: the Redirection Module to handle 410 and 451 redirections as they should be
Enhanced Sitemap’s functions
Changed Pillar content icon
Changed few critical things in the Search Console Module to fix an incompatibility with WP v5.0
Added XML version declaration header in SVG files to remove any false warnings
Added conditions for conflicting plugins, no more nag notices if a particular module is disabled
Added filters to disable the auto OG image using the fallback conditions
Added connect to MyThemeShop’s link back in the registration step
Fixed already used focus keywords link wasn’t working when multiple focus keywords were used in an article
Fixed translated posts not showing in the Sitemap
Fixed some vital Breadcrumb related issues
Fixed WooCommerce product categories showing two description boxes and hiding the product’s thumbnail
Fixed a bug with the quick edit page options
Fixed auto post redirect not working with the WordPress v5.0
Fixed focus keyword not used in title test issue in the SEO Analysis
Fixed the word count test to reflect the correct count
Fixed auto description length issue in the WP Real Estate free plugin’s listing
Continued adding support for extending the plugin’s API

1.0.4 [DEC 04, 2018]
Added new internal tests and increased their coverage
Added code to log API error shown in SEO Analysis for better error handling and reporting
Added code to detect gallery shortcode inside the posts for better content analysis
Added a new filter to disable each test and modify the score accordingly
Fixed an error in word-count when content was 2000+ words long
Fixed ‘Add SEO Metabox’ was enabled by default for Attachment page, it is disabled now
Fixed an error on posts where the author didn’t exist
Improved SEO Details column. It is now more detailed and easy to understand
Improved internal link counter further
Improved the Asset Manager
Improved Featured image is now counted as an image asset
Improved handling of the Search Console module
Improved importing from the Redirection plugin
Improved and optimized the code in several core files.

1.0.3 [NOV 26, 2018]
Added a condition to check if terms are updated or not
Added support for WooCommerce’s reviews in Search Preview
Added breadcrumb shortcode in the description of ‘Breadcrumbs’ tab
Added links to the posts where focus keyword is missing in the SEO Analysis section
Added an option to change the meta of Data/Author archive easily
Added validation for Schema data fields
Fixed the fatal error on the multisite activation
Fixed the bug which was not detecting ‘Strong Testimonials’ plugin’s CPT
Fixed small RTL issue in the focus keywords section
Fixed Unicode error in SEO title and description
Fixed a rare issue in which Media attachment settings weren’t getting saved
Fixed import issue of some redirections from the latest version of Yoast
Fixed an issue in the Redirection module where the imported links were not working properly
Various other small fixes and optimizations

1.0.2 [NOV 24, 2018]
Added relative URL support for importing from the ‘Redirection’ plugin
Added ‘Not Set’ words when we do not find any focus keyword set for an article
Fixed Importing from Yoast’s Premium version
Improved some files with a better code

1.0.1 [NOV 22, 2018]
Fixed a minor JS Console error caused by using images as the first thing inside a paragraph
Fixed wired fatal error for Editor role that didn’t have full access to Rank Math features
Fixed a minor issue that caused the error message NOT to show up when the wrong credentials were entered
Fixed sync issue of ‘Nofollow External Link’ option in the Settings with JS Tests
Fixed “too many redirects” error, ‘Auto Post Redirection’ option enabled by default was causing the manual redirections not to work
Fixed multiple other incorrect error messages

1.0.0 [NOV 19, 2018]
Official Plugin release