v4.0.8 (Mar 03, 2017)
- Improved internalization

Files updated:
- functions.php
- lang/truepixel.pot
- style.css

v4.0.7 (Jan 26, 2017)
- One click demo importer improvements

Files updated:
- style.css
- functions.php
- options/demo-importer/

v4.0.6 (Jan 18, 2017)
- One click demo importer improvements

Files updated:
- style.css
- functions.php
- options/demo-importer/

v4.0.5 (Jan 15, 2017)
- One click demo importer improvements

Files updated:
- style.css
- functions.php
- options/demo-importer/

v4.0.4 (Oct 22, 2016)
- One click demo importer improvements
- Install Plugins page improvements

Files updated:
- style.css
- functions.php
- theme-presets.php
- options/
- lang/
- functions/plugin-activation.php

v4.0.3 (Jul 8, 2016)
- Typography scripts are loaded only on options panel page now
- Fixed word break issue in post content

Files updated:
- style.css
- functions.php
- options/google-typography/google-typography.php

v4.0.2 (Mar 17, 2016)
- Updated code on Recommended plugins page

Files updated:
- style.css
- functions/plugin-activation.php
- css/addons.css

v4.0.1 (Mar 8, 2016)
- Recommended plugins page changes

Files updated:
- style.css
- functions.php
- functions/plugin-activation.php
- css/addons.css

v4.0 (Feb 8, 2016)
- Major Framework Update
- Huge code and speed optimization
- Changed theme folder name from 'truepixel' to 'mts_truepixel'
- Changed text domain from 'mythemeshop' to 'truepixel'
- Added New improved Options Panel
- Added Performance Options tab in Options Panel
- Added Lazy Loading for images (Improves site speed dramatically)
- Added Option to load Async JavaScript
- Added Option to Remove ?ver= parameters from .css and .js files
- Added Option to remove WooCommerce CSS and JS files from non WooCommerece Pages
- Added Improved Import/Export tab (Now you can also import demo content & widgets)
- Added Option to set separate menu for mobile screens
- Added Option to Show/Hide social sharing icons on Pages
- Added filter in functions.php for white labeling the theme
- Added Display Trackbacks and Pingbacks in Comments
- Added missing strings in translation file
- Added Improved if/else PHP conditions
- Added sidebar ID instead of the name
- Added Improved Recommended Plugins Page
- Added prefix mts_ to functions in functions.php
- Added Improved Recommended Plugins Page
- Fixed loop on Popular Posts widget
- Fixed Stripped HTML tags from .pot
- Fixed deprecated function in twitter widget
- Updated Pop-up script
- Updated Font Awesome to v4.4.0
- Removed 'nofollow' from archive links
- Removed unnecessary wp_register_script calls
- Removed Translation Panel & added My WP Translate Plugin for the same
- Removed unused codes
- Replaced numbered pagination code with WordPress' default pagination
- Replaced Archive page title code with the_archive_title()

- You need to regenerate thumbnails after upgrade, you can use "OTF Regenerate Thumbnails" Plugin
- If navigation is messed up after update, you can set it up again from Appearance >> Menus
- In Parallax page template you need to setup parallax option again by editing that page/post

v3.0 (Feb 17th, 2015)
- Added two new homepage layouts.
- Added drag & drop for single posts elements.
- Added option to add custom slides on the homepage.
- Added option to show full posts on the homepage.
- Added advanced background options.
- Added drag and drop for post info.
- Added RTL support.
- Added Option to create a child theme from the options panel.
- Added WooCommerce support.
- Added improved typography options.
- Added thumbnail preview in the WordPress backend.
- Added improved Sidebar options.
- Added function to store post view count.
- Added Contact page template.
- Added Touch & Metro icon options.
- Added Post Slider widget.
- Added GitHub, Dropbox & Tumblr icons in Social Icons widget.
- Added lazy loading for comment avatars.
- Added Parallax and Zoom Out header effects for Posts and Pages.
- Replaced flex slider script with an Owl Carousel script.
- Replaced prettyPhoto.js script with magnify popup script.
- Improved Mobile navigation menu.
- Improved Ajax pagination, and search results.
- Improved Breadcrumb code.
- Improved Social Icons widget.
- Updated FontAwesome script.
- Removed Tab Widget and added the WP Tab Widget plugin.
- Changed few thumbnail sizes (Thumbnail regeneration required)
- Removed Google Plus widget.
- Removed Subscribe Widget (Added WP Subscribe widget)
- Optimized code for better loading time.

v2.0.2 (Jun 15th, 2014)
- Fixed child theme compatibility issue
- Updated language file
- Removed old update notification script, added Connect plugin as recommended plugin

Files Updated:
- style.css
- functions.php
- theme-options.php

v2.0.1 (Mar 10th, 2014)
- Changed single article's title tag from H2 to H1 for SEO purpose. It was a blunder.

v2.0 (Feb 27th, 2014)
- New framework implementation, code and speed optimisation.
- New improved Options Panel.
- Added Exclusive brand new Translation Panel.
- Added Option to disable Responsiveness.
- Added brand new Typography Options with more than 600 Google Fonts.
- Added more than 350 font icons.
- Added improved slider script to reduce load time.
- Added Schema for Breadcrumbs.
- Theme will show new update notification on dashboard.
- Added Option to disable Theme update notification.
- Added Async loading for social sharing buttons to reduce loading time.
- Added 24 new background patterns. (Now total 63 Background Patterns)
- Added Ajax load more pagination (with load more button or automatic)
- Added Ajax search in Search form.
- Added Related Posts Widget
- Added Google Plus Badge Widget.
- Added Author Posts widget.
- Added Brand new tabbed widget with Ajax feature.
- Added Option to select multiple categories for Slider.
- Added Option to move social sharing icons above or below content.
- Added Option to change Top Navigation background color.
- Added Option to change copyright section background color.
- Added Option to disable Footer widgets.
- Added Option to use 3 columns or 4 columns widget area.
- Added Unlimited Sidebar Option.
- Added Option to hide header area completely.
- Added Option to make navigation Floating/Sticky.
- Added Improved Recent Posts, Category posts and Popular Posts.
- Added new Tweets Widget compatible with latest API.
- Added HTML Prefetching for lightning fast site loading.
- Added Option to hide post meta on homepage.
- Added Option to hide thumbnails for Recent, Category & Popular Posts Widgets
- Added Option to hide Date, Comment count and Thumbs for Tabbed Widget.
- Added Better Scripts and CSS files loading.
- Added Improved calendar widget design.
- Added New social profile widget.
- Fixed double title issue in Feed
- Shortcodes will work in feed.
- Removed theme shortcodes and added our Official Shortcode Plugin.
- Related posts will show random posts from same category.
- In Author box now author name is linked to Author Archive.
- Small design improvements.
- Made a few SEO improvements.
- Replaced icon images with Font icons.
- Optimised code for faster loading.
- Removed No Preview image from homepage excerpts.

v1.1 (Dec 4th, 2012)
- New framework & Options Panel implementation.
- Added Lightbox for post images.
- Now you can Import/Export Options Panel settings.
- Added 20 extra background patterns.
- Removed Twitter, Facebook & RSS counter widget. (Reason: FeedBurner deprecated APIs)
- Now you can upload a custom background from options panel.
- New Shortcode tabs with one extra Shortcode: Toggle.
- Now you can choose category for featured post.
- Added tabbed widget for Popular and recent posts.
- Made a few SEO improvements.
- Fixed blank page issue for feed link.
- Shortcodes will work in feed.
- Remove featured image hide option.
- Removed font size option.
- Improved hide comment date option.
- Improved hide post meta option.
- Added few words in .po file for translation.
- Small design improvements.
- Removed Digg button.
- Removed excerpt length option.
- New social profile widget added.
- Improved Recent Posts, Category posts and Tabbed widget.
- Removed contact page due to security issue.
- Made Column Shortcodes responsive on small screens.
- Related posts will show random posts from same category.
- Comment date issue fixed.
- Option to add any Google Font.
- Code optimisation for speed.
- You can edit footer copyright text from option panel.

v1.0 (Apr 30th, 2012)
- Theme Released