v1.1.3 (Dec 13, 2017)
- Fixed default search issue

Files updated:
- includes\class-wre-archive-listings.php
- includes\class-wre-search.php
- includes\functions-listing.php

v1.1.2 (Dec 02, 2017)
- Fixed minor CSS responsive issues

Files updated:
- assets/css/wp-real-estate.css

v1.1.1 (Dec 01, 2017)
- Changed Widget title heading tag from H2 to H3
- Added star icon for premium listings in admin-panel
- Fixed Import Errors
- Added filters to change default widget values

Files updated:
- functions-listing.php
- wre-widgets.php
- includes/admin/assets/css/wre-admin.css
- includes/admin/class-wre-admin-columns.php
- includes/admin/class-wre-import-export.php
- includes/frontend/template-tags.php
- includes/functions-general.php
- templates/single-listing/agent-details.php
- templates/single-listing/contact-form.php

v1.1.0 (Nov 28, 2017)
- Added My Account Page (Please create new page 'My Account' and use this shortcode in the content area [wre_my_account]). Or you can reactivate the plugin to create missing pages
- Added new payment method - Bank Transfer
- Added option to add 'Premium' badge on paid listings, agents and agencies
- Added ability to check subscriptions in the frontend
- Added ability to edit Profile from the frontend
- Added ability to change the password from the frontend
- Added login, registration & forgot password forms for guests
- Added redirect to the Subscription confirmation page after payment
- Fixed duplicate image import issue in the IDX importer
- Fixed Yoast SEO & WP Review meta box priority issue in the single listing editor page
- Minor RTL related fixes
- Code improvements

For theme developers:
- Added templates for Agents Archive, Packages, Compare Listings, My Listings & Submit Listing pages
- Added many new filters to change default view mode, number of columns, numbe of listings/agencies, hide content sidebar etc. [Please refer 'filter-list.php' file present in the plugin's root]

v1.0.0 (Nov 13, 2017)
- Plugin released.