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We are always open for brilliant and outstanding contributions from like-minded people. If you have a zeal and passion for inspiring thousands of bloggers, content marketers, growth hackers and business owners who visit MyThemeShop for an enriching experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Please take a detailed look about the kind of work we would appreciate from your side.

What do we look in a Post?

MyThemeShop has always maintained a prime quality in all of its services, whether you take the WordPress themes, plugins or the blog posts. Our outstanding service and excellent caliber for providing the users with the best content has made MyThemeShop what it is today.

We publish comprehensive, interesting and data-driven content on our blog so that we can make the world learn something new about Web Development and Designing.

We are thus motivated to publish on topics related to WordPress development, website design, user engagement, blog themes and website optimization techniques.

Some of the points that we take note of while publishing the content are:

  • Compelling, original concepts and high-quality writing. We do not compromise on content uniqueness and that’s why we do not republish anything that has been published elsewhere.
  • Our posts carry all the information related to the topic and we do not expect our contributors to leave any loop holes while writing on a specific topic. We absolutely value complete and descriptive posts.
  • All the links in the content should be relevant to the topic and not only links to the personal website. Proper attributions should be given for data inspired from other websites.
  • Being information rich and descriptive, the content we publish has 1800 to 3000 words. We would expect the same from our contributors.

Guest Post Conditions

We value our users and our users value informative content. In order to get a post published, it should be really really good.

These are our expectations from your side:

  • Well researched posts covering all the facts and figures.
  • No Language mistakes. We don’t demand you to be from an English country but, you should be sound with the language. You can always use the word editor to rectify all the grammatical errors in your content.
  • Use proper headings, sub-headings, and bold phrases to bring the user attention on important points.
  • Proper page breaks, number lists and bullet points to make the content look well formatted.
  • Use Images wherever possible to make the content better and more understandable for the user. You can use stock images, infographics and illustrations.
  • Never use a Pen Name. Our content is authentic and we would want you too to keep your identity real among our users.
  • The images should have a minimum width of 770 pixels.
  • Research well on the topic before writing the post. Try to use topic-related keywords and phrases as well.
  • Last but not the least, always try to provide more value to the users.

What we won’t Accept

  • If the same topic has been already covered on our blog.
  • If the post contains too many links. Also, we do not promote content with affiliate links.
  • Any offensive or inaccurate content.
  • Anything that is against our terms and not relevant for our website.

How to Submit Your Post

  • We would appreciate if you could submit the complete post as an HTML or Word Doc.
  • Images should be properly placed in the posts and as well as submitted in a separate folder.
  • Include a separate Doc file with a short bio about yourself with a maximum of one anchor text link to your website.

If your article meets all the editorial standards and fulfills our content strategy, we will get in touch with you. The process may take up to 2 weeks due to the large volume of requests we receive every day.

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