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Pre-sale Questions

Can I use a MyThemeShop theme on more than one site?

We offer various licensing options you can choose from. You can choose between a 1-site license, 3-site license, or unlimited site licenses. You can use our themes or plugins on the same number of websites that you buy the license for.

Can I customize the theme?

All MyThemeShop themes contain an easy to use options panel that allows you to customize all the theme features without touching a single line of code. You are free to make code changes or design changes to the theme files at your own risk. Please note that MyThemeShop will not be responsible for issues that arise after changes to the theme code. Support for themes with custom code will be limited for obvious reasons.

Membership plan owners also get access to the theme's Photoshop PSD files which can be customized and used without attribution.

Will the themes & plugins work with third-party plugins?

MyThemeShop products follow WordPress's standard code practices which make them secure and compatible with majority third-party plugins. If you face any plugin related issues with our theme or plugins, we would be happy to support and resolve your issues. However, we cannot provide support if the problem lies with a third-party plugin or a theme.

Which browsers are supported by MyThemeShop themes?

MyThemeShop themes are tested thoroughly on all the latest browsers including, but not limited to, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Our themes are also designed with fallback support so that they work as intended even on older browsers. However, we recommend testing the demos of our products on your intended browsers before purchasing.

How often are themes & plugins updated?

Theme & plugin updates depend on many factors. Security updates and critical bugs are fixed as soon as possible. Updates that improve our theme/plugin framework and bring new features are made available frequently.

What are the hosting/server requirements for MyThemeShop themes?

Our themes work with all hosts that support WordPress. To ensure the best performance from our themes, make sure that your host supports the latest version of WordPress, MySQL 5 or higher, and PHP5.4 or higher. If you have trouble in choosing a host, our blog has reviews of popular WordPress hosts.

Do the themes work with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, our themes are Multisite-compatible.

Are the themes and plugins translation-ready?

Yes, MyThemeShop themes and plugins are fully translatable. Many products are also compatible with WMPL. You can use our free translation plugin to translate our products.

Do you include Photoshop PSDs with your themes?

Single theme purchases do not come with the design PSD files. However, membership plan subscribers do get PSD files of the themes. In both cases, the theme colors and some design features can be changed from the theme control panel itself.

What Are The Limitations on Items Purchased Through MyThemeShop's ThemeForest Profile?

We have stopped selling through ThemeForest, and all our products are now sold exclusively through our website.

Do MyThemeShop themes work with WordPress.com?

WordPress.com, or hosted WordPress has many limitations. Unfortunately, our themes will not work with WordPress.com based websites unless you are on a Business plan which WordPress.com offers. It's recommended that you use a self-hosted WordPress installation to use our themes. For beginners, we recommend Site Ground Hosting. To learn how to install WordPress, follow the instructions on this page - https://mythemeshop.com/blog/wordpress-installation/.

What payment options do you support?

You can pay for any MyThemeShop product through PayPal, Credit Cards, and International Debit Cards.

Account or Post-Sale Questions

What is your refund policy?

MyThemeShop offers all its customers 30 day refunds on all products. We care for our customer's happiness and want to make sure they are happy and satisfied with our products at all times.

Our products are digital and are subject to the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25th October 2011 on consumer rights. What that directive means is that digital products which are downloadable, are excluded from the right of withdrawal and are not eligible for refunds under the law. However, we believe that customers should not pay for products that do not solve their problems. For this reason, we do provide refunds to our customers when our product is broken or does not work as promised. But, to prevent abuse of our liberal refund policy, we reserve the right to refuse refunds at our discretion.

We want to keep our refund policy fair for our customers. For this reason, we want you to understand your rights regarding refunds and the conditions under which we might refuse those refunds.

We thoroughly test our products for any potential issues and expect them to work on your website perfectly.

If you face any issues with our products, we suggest you take the following steps before requesting a refund.

  1. Check our video tutorials and extensive documentation for the specific product to find answers
  2. Check if your WordPress installation meets the technical requirements of the specific product
  3. Search for your issue on the MyThemeShop Forum And start a new thread to ask a question
  4. Ask for help from the support staff by opening a support ticket here.

Note that most products require some setting up to work as desired. An error message during product usage may be a sign of improper configuration, and we would recommend properly setting up the product by reading the documentation.

Initiating a refund from the payment provider or issuing a chargeback will not speed up the process of your refund, as we reserve the right to hold refund requests.

If you follow all the above steps and even our support staff is unable to solve issues with your product, we will gladly refund your purchase. Please note that the time to request a refund is under 30 days from the purchase of the product. After 30 days, we won't be able to process any refunds.

If you have any doubts before purchasing a product, contact our sales team or create a support ticket. We will be happy to answer any pre-sale questions. Make sure to include as many details as possible about your server and hosting configuration for our staff to evaluate.

Why haven't I received my receipt or login information?

If you just ordered your Product or created a free account, there may be a slight delay in the order processing or in the email delivery to you. Please check your spam folder just in case. If you haven't received the mail in a timely manner, please contact us at support-team@mythemeshop.com and we will happily assist you.

Why can't I log into my account?

There might be many reasons why you are unable to log into your account. Try resetting your password and then logging in. In extreme cases, your account might have been terminated due to fraudulent activity. If you believe there has been an error, contact us by sending an email to support-team@mythemeshop.com, and we will gladly help you out.

Where are the products that I purchased in my account?

If you completed the order successfully, the theme will be present in your account. Please login from here https://mythemeshop.com/#login You can find the theme under Active Resources section in the Member's Area. Please refer to this image: http://take.ms/c9S8F

How do I set my forum avatar?

Our support forum uses Gravatars. If you have a Gravatar set for the email address you used to create your account, it will automatically be used. If you do not have a Gravatar, you may sign up and create one here: http://en.gravatar.com/

How do I change my billing information?

We do not store your billing information on your server, all changes would be done at your payment processor (such as PayPal or Stripe). You can email us using the contact form and we can assist you on how to update your billing information.

How do I buy a new theme/plugin on my existing account?

Simply login to your existing account here and purchase any product to have it on the same account.

How do I cancel my MyThemeShop membership?

You can cancel your membership from inside your MyThemeShop account. Log in using this link and navigate the to payment tab to cancel your membership. If you paid using PayPal, you can cancel your membership through PayPal as well.

What happens when I cancel my MyThemeShop membership subscription?

Please note that canceling your membership is different from getting a refund.

MyThemeShop memberships can be bought on a month-to-month basis or yearly basis.

When you cancel your membership, you retain access to all themes and plugins, including support, for your entire period.

For example, if you purchased a monthly membership and canceled on the 15th day, you will still have access to all themes and plugins till the 30th day, including support. After the 30th day, you will lose access to the themes, plugins, and support.

You can always re-continue your membership by paying the membership fee again.

Can I still use themes/plugins after I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can use the themes and plugins that you've downloaded forever. We recommend that you keep a backup copy of the themes and plugins you have downloaded, as you won't be able to re-download them after your membership expires.

After your membership expires, you also won't have access to updates or support.

Support Questions

How can I get support with a theme or a plugin?

The Support forum is the primary method of support we offer. If something isn't getting resolved via the forums, feel free to email us and we will try our best to help you asap.

How long will I be able to get support on a theme/plugin I purchased?

Products purchased individually get one year of support from us. Membership owners get support as long as their membership is valid. Membership lasts for a minimum of 30 days. If a membership is canceled during that time, customers are still eligible for support for the full period they subscribed for.

Do you provide phone or live support?

We do not provide phone or live support at this time. However, we provide 24x7 support via our support forum and most queries are resolved within an hour.

Does support cost extra for any services?

Eligible customers get support for free. However, there are extra charges for customization. If you are interested in having a product customized, email us.

Can I still get support if I cancelled my membership?

You will lose access to support once your membership expires. The day your membership expires is not the same as your cancellation day. If you purchase a 30-day membership and cancel on the 10th day, you will still get support for the full 30 days. After the subscription period, there will be no support provided and the access to the products is also revoked automatically.

Can you migrate or set up my site for me?

We provide migration, installation and other services for a fee. Please email us if you require any of these services.

Can I get support on a free theme/plugin?

We offer a free support plan which is priced for just $9/year and you get access to our support ticket forum where you can ask questions related to your free products. We still do not offer any heavy customization services for free. Small CSS changes, once in a while are fine.

Why can't I access the support forum?

Please ensure that you are using the correct password and username that you created an account with. Your MyThemeShop logins are used for support forums and you do not need to create an additional account.

Are there any video tutorials available?

We have a small but growing library of video tutorials available which can be accessed here: https://community.mythemeshop.com/tutorials/

Got More Questions?

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