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10 Most Important SEO Factors for Ranking on Google in 2019

Google is the busiest highway of the internet, home to 3.5 billion daily searches. It has managed to capture an immense market share and this has immensely powerful implications for more than the corporation’s bottom line. Brands across industry sectors are going to great lengths to appease Google. This

WooCommerce vs. Shopify: How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform?

Shopify and WooCommerce are the two giant e-commerce platforms out there. Perhaps, you’ve come across these two e-commerce solutions in the past. According to data from Built With they are, by the numbers, Shopify (18%) and WooCommerce (22%), the two most popular eCommerce solutions on the web. If you’re

How to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources in WordPress?

You might have heard that an average user waits less than 15 seconds on a website to load completely before going away. That means if you are running a website that takes ages to load, your visitors will go away even before the site loads completely. Do you know

How to Change or Reset the WordPress Admin Password? Easy Steps to Follow

Are you looking for an effective and easy way to reset your WordPress site’s password? Resetting your site password from time to time can be an excellent move to keep your website secure and away from hackers. In this article, we’ll show you six working methods to change the

How to Properly Display Testimonials on Your Website? – The Ultimate Guide

How many times have you bought something because your friend, your mom, or your co-worker told you about how great it was? It’s no secret that people’s opinions can influence the things we buy – but this doesn’t just apply when it comes to advice from people we know. BrightLocal’s