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Woohoo! MyThemeShop Just Turned Four

Time flies, doesn’t it? Especially when you meet amazing people all the time. 4 Years ago, we started what would later become a well-reputed WordPress product brand. We started MyThemeShop. During these past 4 years we have met some amazing people. We have met people like you. People who

How to Launch a Brand New Blog (with a Bang!)

Three years later, I can vividly remember the day I launched my very first blog ever. Well, it wasn’t much of a fanfare, and I didn’t have the experience and knowledge I’m sharing here today, but still I was excited to high heavens. I was stoked I was going

7 Steps to Improve Your Website

How many times have you looked at a situation and automatically, almost instinctively, known that it will fail? Perhaps you’re thinking of a situation right now where your instincts paid off. As someone who runs a diverse online business and helps others with their blogs, I have seen situations

Content is Everything… Or is it?

“Create more content.” “The more quality content on your site, the better!” “Content is king!” How many times have you read something like that? Now don’t get me wrong… Content is vital for any website, so it is indeed King. But there’s a problem here. For most of us,

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