10 Best Free Shopify Themes for Better Store Conversions

Shopify has led a big breakthrough in the e-commerce development segment, where even a normal guy could create a stunning e-commerce website without burning a hole in their pocket.

The platform saves anywhere from $500-$10000, which otherwise was spent on hiring developers who could create an ecommerce site for you.

With Shopify, you just have to pay a monthly fee, and you can easily get started on the platform. One could design a decent ecommerce store in less than an hour on Shopify.

With that said, the point where most of us get stuck is choosing a perfect Shopify theme for our website. As you know, there are a ton of great looking designs available on Shopify as well as third party platforms, many of which could cost you a few hundred dollars.

Though there are also many free options about which we are going to talk in this detailed post.

We have researched and cherry-picked the ten best Shopify themes you can use to create a professional ecommerce store.

10 Best Free Shopify Themes

Good loading speed, properly structured code, SEO readiness are some of the few pointers that we’ve kept in mind while choosing these Shopify themes.

1 Brooklyn

shopify theme brooklyn

Brooklyn is a free Shopify theme that you can download from the Shopify repository itself. It comes with two style options – Classic and Playful.

You can use the Classic version for modern apparel and clothing stores. It comes with a bright outlook. The Playful version could be used for bakery stores, kid’s clothing, etc, as it offers vivid color options.

It comes with a slideshow header option to showcase multiple top-selling products at the very front of your store. You can also show products dynamically listing the popular and top-rated products in your store.

The slide-out-cart option optimizes your store for better conversion rates as the user doesn’t need to go through multiple clicks to get to their cart.

Key Features:

  1. Homepage video lets you engage with your users and help you improve the Avg session duration in your store.
  2. SEO optimized to drive organic traffic to your store.
  3. Mobile-friendly design for better conversions.
  4. Free regular updates

2 Thalia


Are you looking for a stylish ecommerce website? Thalia is a visually appealing free Shopify theme by Athemes. It comes with minimalistic design and would be perfect for your online store, especially if you want to create something in the fashion and apparel segment.

The theme is highly customizable, where you can easily control the colors, typography, and layout options. You might be amazed in the first instance, scratching your head, thinking, how the heck is this theme available for free!

Nevertheless, you can expect a clean code with an SEO optimized backend to drive that organic traffic on to your website.

Key Features: 

  1. It can be customized to suit any type of ecommerce store.
  2. Responsive design to fit devices of different screen sizes.
  3. Advanced product filters according to the specification and features of the product.
  4. Simple and straightforward design for easy skimming of the content.

3 Narrative


Narrative is a free Shopify theme and comes in four different style options – Earthy, Warm, Light, and Cold.

You can use the theme for your modern apparel store or even showcase product pages intuitively to your users.

It is a great design for your niche stores where you have limited products to showcase (best if you offer a single product).

The fixed navigation feature enhances the user experience as they can view the menu, logo, and cart while scrolling down on the store.

It offers mobile-friendly design, and thus, you can show your featured products in a better way to your users on both desktop and mobile.

Key Features:

  1. Autoplay your product/brand video at the top of your homepage for better engagement.
  2. A wide layout helps you showcase the imagery in your store the right way.
  3. Great theme for stores offering limited products.
  4. Free update for the theme.

4 Simple


Simple is a clean and very straightforward free theme design for Shopify stores. It is one theme that you can choose if you do not want to spend on expensive designs but still want to enjoy the features of a premium theme.

Simple comes with a minimalistic design where your users could sift through a large product catalog easily.

The sidebar features an accordion menu so that you can show your products to your users the right way. This helps you fit more products in a single fold of the page without hampering your user’s viewing experience.

Product pages also include related products, which would help you with better website conversions, which means more revenue for your business.

You can use the Simple theme with all types of stores ranging from different industries and segments.

Key Features:

  1. Includes three styles – Light, Beauty, and Toy.
  2. More than 80+ positive reviews from existing users.
  3. The product image zoom feature enables users to view the intrinsic details of your product.
  4. Customizable sections on your homepage help you to target users with the right information and graphics.

5 Debut


Debut is also one of the best free themes for stores running on Shopify. It offers a minimalistic look and would rather give your users a feeling similar to a regular blog or a website.

You will get a large header slider where you can show good imagery about your brand. You can also customize the layout and show different content related to your brand at the homepage’s top.

It is a fully responsive Shopify theme that would fit perfectly on all screen sizes. The additional social media buttons allow your users to share your website on their social media handles, getting you better reach.

You can use the single product page to showcase and highlight your product so that users don’t get distracted and convert better on your store.

Your customers can also share their reviews about your brand and products using the comment box. Overall, this would help you improve store conversions.

Key Features:

  1. Quick links and predictive search offers a rich experience to your users.
  2. Users can easily filter products based on their specs and features – a great option for apparel stores.
  3. Free theme updates and support from Shopify.
  4. SEO friendly theme and also supports drop-down navigation.

6 Supply


If you have a large catalog of products, Supply could be one of the best themes for your Shopify store as its easy navigation allows you to jump from one category to another.

Also, since the main issues with many free themes are conversion optimization, Supply gives you features like showing the related products, top-selling products, and showing other categories of products to your user for better exposure.

The theme is very flexible in terms of usage as you can use it for furniture to a luxury store. Search navigation is pretty quick and easy to sift through products on your store, giving your users better access to a range of products without wasting their time.

Key Features:

  1. One of the very few free themes for Shopify that are built for large stores.
  2. Great for modern apparel stores and showing vivid imagery.
  3. Easy customization on the home page.
  4. Run slideshows on the homepage to show a range of top-rated products to your users.

7 Venture


Venture is another free theme for Shopify stores that offers you three different styles – Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing.

You can judge that the theme is perfect for stores promoting outdoor and sports-related products from the styles itself.

This is a Shopify template that comes with a nice interface. Just to give you an idea, the theme supports a multi-column menu using which you can showcase product images along with their details in a large drop-down menu.

Also, since most of the Shopify stores have a dedicated category of products that are on sale, you can highlight the same by showing a large Sales/Discount banner on the top of your homepage.

Overall, the design is impressive and neat. It is very easy to skim the content on an online store using the Venture Shopify template.

Key Features:

  1. Promote featured products in front/center of your homepage.
  2. SEO ready theme with a mobile-ready design.
  3. Filter products based on their price category.
  4. Get free theme updates and support.

8 Boundless


If you are looking for a little better room in the header area of your online store, Boundless is one Shopify template that you could explore and test.

You can showcase a large image in your header area that would take your store’s first fold. It offers you two styles – “Black and White” and “Vibrant”.

Black and White style offers a subtle design for general niches. To showcase high-resolution impactful imagery and interesting products (for, eg: you have developed your own unique product), you can use the Vibrant style.

Multiple color palettes, mobile-friendly design, support for social media icons are some of the vivid features that this free theme offers for your online store.

You can list your best selling/discounted products in the gallery format on the home page for better conversions.

Key Features: 

  1. Full-width collection images could be used with impactful communication and imagery to attract your users.
  2. The customizable content section on the home page enables the theme to be used for different industries.
  3. Slideshows with fade effect make your store look premium.
  4. Sticky navigation option lets your users sift through your online store easily.

9 Express


What if you want people to quickly sift through your store and buy the required product without any distraction? Express if one such unique free Shopify theme that offers a Quick buy option to your users using which they can quickly add products in their cart without leaving the current page on your store.

It is a great theme for one-page stores where you can showcase all your products on a single page.

Also, since responsiveness is the key factor since most of the users would access your online store using a smartphone, Express has been designed to fit multiple screen sizes.

You can show your top products’ featured section on the homepage itself, where your users could check and make an instant purchase without getting distracted.

Key Features:

  1. Search engine optimized so that you can get organic traffic easily.
  2. Slide-out-cart enables users to add products to their cart without leaving the current page.
  3. Offers two styles – Bistro and Pantry
  4. Get free theme updates and support

10 Minimal

Coming to the last free theme of our list, as the name suggests, Minimal offers a neat easy to sift through design where your users would be able to easily navigate through your online store.

It offers three style options – Vintage, Fashion, and Modern. This means you can use this theme for any industry or niche.

You get the functionality to do image zoom on the product page. This lets your users view the minute details of your product. In a way, it also helps you improve conversion rates since the user is fully equipped with all the required information about your product.

If you are a new brand, you can explore the home page video option to run a brand film to engage your audience better.

The theme could be utilized for small-large catalog stores.

Key Features:

  1. Showcase recommended and related products to your users to improve cart size.
  2. Get free theme updates.
  3. Product filtering enables users to easily search for their desired product.
  4. The content section on the home page could be edited and utilized according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Q. How many free themes does Shopify have?

A. The official Shopify repository consists of 9 free themes.

Q. Where can I get free themes for Shopify?

A. You can get it from the official Shopify theme repository or you can check other marketplaces like Athemes, and Templatemonster and get a good free theme to get started with your online store.

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