[Quizzes] and How They Can Flood Your Website With Traffic!

It’s no secret that social media is one of the major tools that companies are using to interact with their audience and also advertise their brands.

In this rapidly changing scenario and ever-increasing competition, it is very important to engage with your audience and propel them to share your content.

Posting regularly on your website and using various ad campaigns is important but not enough to get stellar results.

Quizzes and polls have changed the current scenario from just grasping the content to engaging with it.

The prime aim for any content marketer is to enhance the user experience on his/her website. For this, one of the ways is to use a good design for the website.

The other way is to provide the user with a mind-blowing post which enhances knowledge of the user.

Typically every Content Marketer follows the above strategies.

Following these common strategies, how do you expect to outrank your competitor if both of you are using the same gig for getting the users’ attention? The following answer to this is by enhancing the user’s experience and playing with their curiosity.

1 Importance of Quiz Articles

Most of the websites, especially viral websites like Buzzfeed.com and Mashable.com are trying their level best to engage their user with the content for an extended period.

For one of their strategies, they are implementing quizzes in their posts so that the user engages more with the content and stays for a longer time on their website.

So the question may arise, what is a quiz and why are they important?

A quiz is a set of questions you give your website visitors to test their knowledge on a particular topic.

At the end of the quiz, you display their result and show the current statistics of their performance as compared to their colleagues and friends.

It is the best way to curate the visitors and imbibe a sense of competitiveness in them.

Nobody wants to fail in life, so why would one want to fail in a quiz? The curiosity to outstand from their colleagues and friends makes the user try the quiz again and again.

Many times, the quizzes are so amazing that people would want to share it on their social media profiles.

It is like Clickbait.

If you can curate even a single person, they will bring their colleagues and friends to your website. That is free traffic without spending a penny on Marketing strategies.

Even if you are providing informational stuff in your post, you can always use a quiz in the last part of your post. That will help the user to check how much information they can grasp.

You can also use quizzes to increase your website traffic. In recent statistics by BuzzSumo, a quiz is shared more on the social media platforms in comparison with the posts or articles.

An average quiz is being shared 1900 times

2 Top Websites which are implementing Quizzes for their Marketing Strategy

To learn how to deploy quizzes the right way, we’ll look at some of the top websites and learn more about their strategy to lure the users using quizzes.

2.1 BuzzFeed.com

BuzzFeed has been publishing popular quizzes. These have been shared many times online like- “What City Should You Actually Live in?” has been viewed over 22.5 million times, and, “What State Do You Actually Belong In?” has been viewed over 47.8 million times and shared more than 3 million times. Can you imagine so much traffic without spending a dime on Marketing?

A good quiz can surely do wonders for a site and make it an overnight success.

See the below infographic to understand how adding quizzes can boost up your website traffic.

Buzzfeed Quiz

2.2 Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com uses quizzes to engage with their readers: entrepreneurs, leaders, and people interested in taking risks to make their dreams come true. Here is an example of a quiz posted on their site.

Here is a quick snap to show how a Quiz looks like on their website.

do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur quiz

Other quizzes from them and their social sharing statistics:

  • Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?attempted more than 57,723 times and has been shared over 550 times)
  • What’s your entrepreneur I.Q?attempted more than 86,000 times and shared more than 1100 times.
  • Test Your Marketing I.Q – has been shared more than 3,900 times.

2.3 Shopify.com

Shopify is a hosted e-Commerce software provider. It makes it easy for anyone to create an online store with all the necessary tools to make their customers shopping experience a great one.

Shopify uses quizzes to engage their website visitors before inviting them to start their own shop. The quiz ‘What famous entrepreneur are you most like?’ has been attempted more than 3,126 times.

Shopify Quiz

2.4 Buffer.com

Buffer helps individuals, businesses, teams, and agencies manage their social media platforms.

The application helps in scheduling the content on social media and connect with others without spending insane hours managing their various social media accounts.

They’ve used quizzes like ‘What is your social media personality type?’ (attempted 11,623 times) and ‘Which social media acronyms do you know?’ (attempted 8,408 times and shared 3,900 times).

Buffer Quiz

3 Different Types of Quiz Posts you can Use

You can use quizzes in three distinct ways to engage more with the user:

  1. Providing a little entertainment to the user
  2. To get Service/Product Feedback
  3. To generate more leads

Big brands use quizzes for their benefit by using them for the above campaigns. Let us take a detailed view of the above points.

3.1 Providing a little entertainment to the user

A quiz is a good alternative for providing the user with a little entertainment and fun while reading an informational stuff on the website.

Websites like Buzzfeed and Mashable have come up with some amazing quizzes in the past and they frequently post many interesting quizzes on their website.

quiz for light entertainmet

While attempting a quiz, the user feels more connected to the post and answers all the questions totally from the heart.

Quiz provides a platform where a user can attempt all the questions unbiased and know about his particular result. There are many benefits associated by taking a quiz:

3.2 Benefits from taking a Quiz

  1. Rising to a challenge and coming out victorious. For e.g. How much time will you take to solve this puzzle?
  2. Being associated with a renowned personality. For e.g. Which Hollywood actor are you?
  3. It always feels good to share the quiz results on social media platforms.
  4. Taking a quiz can tell you about your personality, the way you feel, think and act as compared to others.

3.3 To get Service/Product Feedback

quiz for user feedback

When someone takes a quiz, it’s all feedback.

So, depending on how the questions are framed, every content marketer has one goal – how the quiz-takers’ answers can turn to valuable feedback?

More the users taking the quiz, the more ideas and feedback will be generated. This can further help the company to analyze its target audience.

Quizzes can be effective in knowing more about your user. You can carry out a quiz to know the taste of your user regarding the products and services you offer.

3.4 To generate more leads

quiz to generate leads

You can even use quizzes for generating leads. The above image gives the perfect example of how you can use quizzes to generate more leads.

You can offer a regular quiz which is made around a product/service that you are offering.

After a user completes the quiz, you can ask them to fill up a form with their details. You can show them their result.

Depending on the result, you can identify potential users who can buy your products or services and further pitch them using their form details or even use retargeting to target only the potential buyers.

4 How can Quizzes help you grow your Website?

4.1 Generate User Engagement

It is very clear from the above examples that Quizzes are indeed very good to be used inside a post as they help in engaging with the user.

Apart from ranking the website on the search engine and getting more traffic, it is very important to engage with the user so that they stay on the website for a longer period of time. This is typically measured by Bounce Rate.

4.2 Extract Useful Information about the User

You can use quizzes to extract crucial information from the user including their personal details and preferences. In one of the images above, we have shown how you can create lead pages for extracting the useful user information.

The best measure is to make a quiz which entices the users’ curiosity. Before publishing the result of the quiz, you can ask them to fill in their personal information on a form.

4.3 Free Marketing when the content gets shared

Quizzes enhance the user experience. To make the content shareable, you should always design the quiz in such a way that it generates curiosity among the user and they are propelled to attempt the quiz.

If the quiz is good and catchy, your users will surely share the link of your website on their social media platforms as well.

5 How to Create Stunning Quizzes for your Website?

5.1 WP Quiz is the Best Solution

WP Quiz Free WordPress Plugin

WP Quiz is the FREE & most effective solution for designing stunning quizzes for your website. It is a signature plugin by MyThemeShop which lets you design beautiful quizzes that you can use to engage with your visitors.

This number one quiz plugin helps you to engage the visitors on any type of blog/website by keeping them glued to the webpage.

WP Quiz comes as a free as well as a premium version. We would always suggest you go for premium WordPress plugins. Simply because premium plugins have more features and extended support.

WP Quiz helps you to generate more traffic, revenue, and engagement from the user. Let us have a look at some of its features:

1) Simple, Practical, Easy to Use
WP Quiz lets you create highly intuitive quizzes for your website. You can play with an ample number of customization features and user settings. If stuck, you can enjoy free support, around the clock, 365 days a year.

2) Easy Social Sharing
WP Quiz comes packed with social sharing options. Social sharing is an easy option for your users so that they can share your content on their social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

3) Better Performance
The plugin offers 100% secure and stable performance. It is visually stunning and offers the stability to compete against other websites in this competitive scenario.

4) Compatible, Responsive and Fast

WP Quiz is compatible with all WordPress Themes. It is fully responsive and perfectly optimized for mobile. This means responsive layouts, large touch-friendly buttons, legible text – all featured in an ultra-fast plugin.

Let us see how you can use the WP Quiz plugin for creative user engagement within your blog posts.

6 Different Types of Quizzes

6.1 Personality Quiz

These types of quizzes usually provide the user with a series of optional questions answering which their personality can be judged.

The questions can be situational, abstract or habitual. Answering the personality quiz, the user can find out the hidden traits of their personality.

Personality Quizzes are quite common and have helped many websites gain enormous traffic through social media.

personality quiz wp quiz

6.2 Trivia Quiz

These are quizzes you can use to test a person’s knowledge on a particular subject.

You can use such quizzes to test if your readers or customers can get the details on a certain topic right. It’s a great way to invite them to an open challenge and compete against their fellow colleagues and friends.

Trivia Quiz Wp-Quiz-Pro

6.3 Flip Card Quiz

With WP Quiz flip you can create a quiz equipped with a quote and related picture. Your visitors will have to guess the answer by reading the quote.

To see the correct answer, they will have to click on the picture which will Flip and show them the correct answer.


7 WP Quiz Hidden Tips

  • Refer to the websites listed above to see how they have used quizzes for their target audience.
  • Like every piece of content, you create, promote your quizzes as much as you can. Quizzes are the best way to generate more social shares rather than any other form of content.
  • You should always decide the flow of your quiz well in advance. Plan the content which is intriguing and generates curiosity among your visitors.

WP Quiz Hidden Tips

  • When posting an update on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Gmail, Google Plus, Linkedin, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter inviting people to take your quiz, use a catchy title and a captivating thumbnail. You can create mind-blowing thumbnails using Canva which is a free tool for creating beautiful images.
  • Always create the quiz with an aim to connect with your target audience.
  • Let your users know early how you intend to use their information e.g. the email and name they put in (to view their results) after completing lead generating quizzes. Notifying the user about the usage of their private information builds their trust with your brand.
  • Don’t worry much about the customization and designing part. With WP Quiz plugin, you can create stunning quiz within minutes. For better user engagement, use Responsive WordPress Themes.

WordPress Quiz Free Plugin

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