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12 Best WordPress Table Plugins for Creating Responsive Tables

The best thing about WordPress is, you can extend its functionality by simply installing a WordPress plugin. It is the simplest way to equip your site with more features. This means you don’t need to code countless hours just to implements simple things on your website. There is no... Read More

Fix WordPress Page Updates Not Working & Saving Changes

Keeping your WordPress pages updated is important in order to combat the ever-rising tide of malicious web activities as well as ensure that the content is worth reading for your visitors. Table Of Contents 1. WordPress Site Not Updating: Common Symptoms 2. Fixing WordPress Page Updates not working and... Read More

How to Fix WordPress HTTP Media Upload Error? – Easy Steps

As with any platform, it’s not uncommon to experience an error when uploading images to your WordPress site. This rather vague HTTP error can be somewhat difficult to decipher for most people. Table Of Contents 1. What is WordPress HTTP Media Upload Error? 2. Possible Causes of the HTTP... Read More

How to Make a Responsive WordPress Theme? Beginners Guide

There comes a time when you need to get things right. And what’s a better way than getting to do them by yourself? Let’s think about WordPress and the numerous number of themes it offers – both free and premium. Do they offer the same functionality, uniqueness, and kind... Read More

How to Buy a Domain Name for your Website? – Beginners Guide

You’ve thought long and hard about it and you decided you’re ready. You want to buy that perfect domain name. Luckily, buying and registering a domain is easier than ever before. Table Of Contents 1. What Is A Domain Name? 2. Choosing a Perfect Domain Name – Top Recommendations... Read More