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In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can backup your WP Shortcode Pro settings, and even restore them if a situation demands it.

First, we need to confirm if WP Shortcode Pro is installed and activated on your website. To do that, log into your website’s WordPress admin, and navigate to Plugins -> Installed plugins.

navigate to installed plugins

Depending on your website, you will see some plugins installed. You have to confirm that WP Shortcode Pro is installed and activated. In our example below, our website only has 1 plugin installed, WP Shortcode Pro.

onfirm plugin install

Once you confirm if the plugin is installed, the next step would be to navigate to WP Shortcode Pro -> General Settings.

navigate to general settings

On the next page, you will see 2 tabs on the left. Click the import/export tab to open up its settings.

click import export options

You will see several buttons that say import or export. Do not worry; it’s not as complicated as it looks.

import export settings

There are 2 ways in which you can backup your data in WP Shortcode Pro.

  • Using the code WP Shortcode Pro generates for you
  • Using the JSON file that WP Shortcode Pro generates for you

The methods are not interchangeable, so you cannot export the JSON file and use it in the code section. To restore, you must use the same option that you used to backup.

Apart from this, both the methods work the same and have no advantage or disadvantage over each other.

Considering the 2 distinct methods, there are a total of 4 operations that you can perform regarding backup and restore.

  • Export
    • Export via JSON file
    • Export via generated code
  • Import
    • Import via JSON file
    • Import via generated code

Let us explore all the 4 possibilities, starting with the export options.

If you see the Export Settings section in the Import/Export, then you will see 3 checkboxes.

  • Presets
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Mapped Shortcodes

3 options in export

These represent the 3 kinds of settings that you can export. You can select all or none, but we would recommend that you keep them all checked.

Export Settings using Code

To export your WP Shortcode Pro settings via code, click the ‘Show Export Code’ button in the Export Settings Section.

click show export code

As you click the button, a new section will appear with a lot of code.

export code appears

You have to copy the entire code and save it in a file. The code spawns many pages, so we recommend that you use click inside the code window, then press ‘Ctrl + A’ (Windows) or ‘Cmd + A’ (Mac) to select the entire code.

entire code selected

Press ‘Ctrl + C’ (Windows) or ‘Cmd + C’ (Mac) and to copy the code, then save it in a text file.

Once the file is saved, you’ve successfully backed up your WP Shortcode Pro’s settings via code.

save text file

Export Settings using JSON File

To export your settings using a JSON file you have to click the ‘download Exported Settings’ button.

click download exported settings

A file save dialog box will open up which will prompt you to save the downloaded JSON file. Save it at the location of your choice.

save json file on computer

That covers the export options. Let us move onto the import options.

Importing from Code

To import your settings using code, click the ‘Import from code’ button from the ‘Import settings’ section.

click import from code button

A blank text area will open up just below the button. Here you paste the code that you saved in the export process.

paste code in section

Once the code is pasted, press the import button.

press import button

The page will refresh, and you will see a notification that will confirm that the settings were updated.

import from code successful

Import settings using JSON File

To import your settings using a JSON file, you have to click the ‘Upload File’ button in the ‘Import/Export’ section.

click upload file

A small section will appear with an option to choose a file. Press the ‘Choose File’ button to proceed.

click choose file

A dialog box will open, which will prompt you to select the JSON file. Select the file that you saved in the export process.

select json file

With the file selected, press the import button.

click import button json

The page will refresh, and a notification on will confirm that the import process was successful.

json import success


We hope that you were able to follow along with the process of importing and exporting your settings from WP Shortcode Pro using both the code and the JSON file methods. Both the processes are pretty simple, and you shouldn’t have any trouble with it. But if you do, the support team is there to help you out.

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