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Powerful Features

Learn about WP Shortcode Pro's host of powerful features

80+ Shortcodes

WP Shortcode Pro gives you access to more than 80 shortcodes that you can use to style your content. From buttons to testimonials, from countdowns to animations, from video embeds to map embeds, from animations to private content, WP Shortcode Pro gives you the unparalleled freedom to create jaw-dropping content.

80+ Shortcodes

Beautifully Designed

Each pixel of WP Shortcode Pro has been crafted with the utmost care, making it a true pixel perfect plugin. WP Shortcode Pro also includes a variety of beautifully designed templates, which enables users to make their posts eye catching in just a few clicks.

Beautifully Designed

Compatible with All Themes

Countless hours of testing has gone into WP Shortcode Pro to make sure that it works in synergy with all WordPress themes. It doesn't matter if you run a viral website, a news website, or an ecommerce store, you can be confident that you will get the same amazing results from WP Shortcode Pro as everyone else.

Compatible With All Themes

Fluid Responsive

A visitor can access your website from a phone, a computer, a tablet, a TV, or any other device, and WP Shortcode Pro is prepared for all of them. Our custom made fluid responsive framework dynamically adjusts the elements of WP Shortcode Pro, making sure that they look perfect, no matter which device they are being viewed on.

Fluid Responsive

1-Click Shortcode Insertion

A plugin with tons of features but with a complex user interface is not that useful. WP Shortcode Pro has been crafted to excel at functionality as well as ease of use. A single click is all you need to insert any of the 80+ shortcodes from WP Shortcode Pro into your posts.

1-Click Shortcode Insertion

Shortcode Preview

Every little change that you make to your post has to previewed in WordPress. Not anymore. WP Shortcode Pro shows you a live preview of the shortcode you are using, right in the shortcode window. The preview instantly updates with every change you make, saving you countless hours of precious time.

Shortcode Preview

Comprehensive Documentation

Good documentation is essential to a good software product. WP Shortcode Pro ships with extensive and comprehensive documentation that explains every feature of WP Shortcode Pro in complete detail. Not only that, but it also highlights common pitfalls to avoid, and also answers the most common questions that you might have while using WP Shortcode Pro.

Comprehensive Documentation

RTL Support

WP Shortcode Pro is a global product to be used by people around the world, to serve visitors around the world. To truly achieve that, WP Shortcode Pro supports both LTR and RTL writing modes. This means that no matter which country you are from, WP Shortcode Pro will serve your needs perfectly.

RTL Support

Optimized for performance

WP Shortcode Pro packs a ton of features, but that does not mean that it will slow down your website. A well-planned architecture, countless optimizations, and years of experience in creating world-class products mean that WP Shortcode Pro keeps your website loading lightning fast.

Optimized For Performance

Clean and Secure Code

Apart from tons of features and lightning-fast load times, WP Shortcode Pro is also fully secure. It follows WordPress's plugin guidelines completely, and hundreds of man-hours of security testing make WP Shortcode Pro as secure as a vault.

Clean & Secure Code

Custom Post Type Support

Websites using posts and pages can definitely take advantage of WP Shortcode Pro, but what about custom post types? WP Shortcode Pro fully supports custom posts and is compatible with all the popular custom post plugins available for WordPress.

Custom Post Type Support

Extend with API

Developers will be rejoiced to know that they can extend WP Shortcode Pro using its API. The API is extensive and allows anyone with the knowledge to create advanced functionality on top of WP Shortcode Pro. With this level of freedom to create, there is no limit to what you can achieve on your website with WP Shortcode Pro.

Extend With API

Save Custom Shortcode Settings

Each of WP Shortcode Pro's shortcodes allows you to save presets. Presets are a collection of settings, and each shortcode can have its own presets. Using presets, you can reuse any of your configured settings on any of your pages or posts in a single click.

Save Custom Shortcode Settings

Create New Shortcodes

On your website, you can style your posts in unlimited ways. To truly achieve unlimited customization abilities, WP Shortcode Pro allows you to create your own shortcodes. Shortcodes are easy to create using the friendly shortcode builder, and you can create one, even with limited knowledge of code.

Create New Shortcodes

Overwrite Existing Shortcode

If you are not satisfied with any shortcode inside WP Shortcode Pro, then you can change it, or even enhance it. The overwrite shortcode feature lets you change a shortcode's behavior and even fine tune it by modifying its HTML and CSS code.

Overwrite Existing Shortcode

Shortcode Mapper

If you have multiple shortcode plugins already installed on your website, then WP Shortcode Pro can save you the trouble of navigating them individually. With the Shortcode Mapper feature, you can map any shortcode from another plugin to WP Shortcode Pro and use it as if it was a native shortcode of WP Shortcode Pro.

Shortcode Mapper

Change Shortcode Prefix

All shortcodes inside WP Shortcode Pro are used with a default prefix. To match your or your website's style, you can change the default shortcode prefix to your liking. This feature will also help avoid potential conflicts with other plugins which use the same prefix.

Change Shortcode Prefix

Import/Export Setting

WP Shortcode Pro supports importing and exporting of all its settings in 2 different ways. You can use the import/export code, or the JSON file to transfer and back up your settings.

Import/Export Settings

Import Demo

You can import demo content from WP Shortcode Pro in a single click. Importing the demo content will create demo pages on your website with examples of the various shortcodes.

Import Demo

Multisite Support

It doesn't matter if you run a single website, or multiple websites on a multisite network, WP Shortcode Pro can handle it all. WP Shortcode Pro's well thought out architecture helps it support websites of all sizes with the ease.

Multisite Support

Translation Ready

Geographical boundaries do not limit the Internet, and they shouldn't limit plugins either. WP Shortcode Pro is fully translatable to any language of your choice. The translation process is simple to follow, and you can do it safely even without technical help.

Translation Ready

24x7 Priority Support

WP Shortcode Pro is supported by our team of WordPress experts who are more than capable of solving your problems. The support staff is friendly, competent, and available 24x7, 365 days a year, so you can breath easy even if you face any issues.

24x7 Priority Support

Comparison Table

WP Shortcode Pro beats every other shortcode plugin, effortlessly

  • Total Shortcodes88
  • Change Shortcode Prefix
  • Map Shortcodes
  • Create Shortcode
  • Import/Export Shortcodes
  • Import Demo Content
  • Live Preview
  • Responsive
  • RTL Support
  • Translation Ready
  • Get it Now!
  • Shortcode Ultimate Pro
  • Total Shortcodes66
  • Change Shortcode Prefix
  • Map Shortcodes
  • Create Shortcode
  • Import/Export Shortcodes
  • Import Demo Content
  • Live Preview
  • Responsive
  • RTL Support
  • Translation Ready
  • Fruitful Shortcodes
  • Total Shortcodes11
  • Change Shortcode Prefix
  • Map Shortcodes
  • Create Shortcode
  • Import/Export Shortcodes
  • Import Demo Content
  • Live Preview
  • Responsive
  • RTL Support
  • Translation Ready

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Our Prices

Even with so many features, WP Shortcode Pro is light on the pocket


$ 0

Test ride all the essential features of WP Shortcode Pro for free

  • Highlight Text Shortcode
  • Button Shortcode
  • List with Icons Shortcode
  • Video Embed Shortcode
  • Row and Column Divide Shortcode
  • Tabs Creation Shortcode
  • Google Map Shortcode
  • Access to a total of 24 shortcodes

Extended Membership

$ 19 /month
Paid Annually ?

Combine the power of WP Shortcode Pro with 150 other world class WordPress products

  • All the features of the Pro version
  • Get access to all MyThemeShop products
  • Access to updates and new releases
  • Licensed for client websites
  • Access to PSD Files
  • HD Video Tutorials (narrated)
  • Priority Ticket Support
  • Priority Bug Fixing
  • Support for client websites


$ 39 /year
Paid Annually ?

Access all the priceless features of WP Shortcode Pro for a small yearly fee

  • All the features of the free version
  • Override existing shorcodes
  • Map shortcodes from other plugins
  • Create your own shortcodes
  • Total of 88 Shortcodes
  • Single Domain License
  • Access to updates for 1 Year
  • Priority Ticket Support
  • more features..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about WP Shortcode Pro

  • What is WP Shortcode Pro?

  • WP Shortcode Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you do complex things on your website without the complexity. Using WP Shortcode Pro, you can embed videos to your website, embed charts, divide your content into rows and columns, animate your content, and much more. There are over 80 different features available to use inside WP Shortcode Pro, and you can create more shortcodes yourself.
  • Will WP Shortcode Pro work with my theme?

  • Yes. We have extensively tested out WP Shortcode Pro with every major WordPress theme. We also follow WordPress's standard plugin coding practices, which eradicate any chance of issues.
  • Can I try WP Shortcode Pro before purchasing?

  • Of course. We have interactive demonstrations of all the major features of WP Shortcode Pro which you can play with.
  • Is there a free version of WP Shortcode Pro?

  • Yes. We do offer a free version of WP Shortcode Pro with limited features and support. For details about the support for the free version, refer to the next question.
  • Will I get support for the free version of WP Shortcode Pro?

  • No. MyThemeShop's free products do not come with any support. However, that does not mean that you cannot get support for the free version at all. We offer a separate support plan for our free products which is reasonably priced. Contact the support staff to get details of the support plan. Another important thing to remember is that the support plan will cover all free products from MyThemeShop for an entire year.
  • How will I update WP Shortcode Pro?

  • There are 2 ways to update WP Shortcode Pro. The first method would be to download the updated plugin files from your MyThemeShop account and upload them to your website.

    The second method would be to use our Theme and Plugin Helper plugin. This plugin automates the process of keeping your MyThemeShop themes and plugins updated. Whenever there is an update available, you will be to update the plugin with a single click.

  • How often do you update WP Shortcode Pro?

  • We do not have a pre-determined schedule to update WP Shortcode Pro. But, we do regularly update WP Shortcode Pro to include new features and squash bugs.
  • Can I use WP Shortcode Pro on more than one website?

  • That depends. If you purchase WP Shortcode Pro as a standalone product, then you are restricted to use it only on one website. But, if you are a MyThemeShop membership subscriber, then you can use WP Shortcode Pro on 5 websites, including client websites.
  • Can I use WP Shortcode Pro on my client's website?

  • That depends. If you have a purchased WP Shortcode Pro as a standalone product, then you can use it on your client's website, but you will not receive any support. We recommend that you opt for a MyThemeShop membership, which will give you access to all MyThemeShop products, and you will be able to use them on 5 domains, including client domains. The membership plan will also enable you to get support for all the websites you use MyThemeShop products on.
  • Can you setup WP Shortcode Pro on my website?

  • Setting up WP Shortcode Pro is very easy, and you can do it yourself even if you have no experience in setting up WordPress plugins before. We even have a step by step guide that describes the process in detail. If you can use a computer, then you can easily setup WP Shortcode Pro on your website.

    In case you do get stuck and need assistance, you can always contact support by emailing us or opening up a support ticket.

  • I already have a similar plugin installed on my website. Can I use that and WP Shortcode Pro simultaneously?

  • Yes, you can. WP Shortcode Pro has been tested extensively for conflicts with other plugins, and we are happy to tell you that you can use WP Shortcode Pro with any plugin you like.
  • Can you add a feature in WP Shortcode Pro for me?

  • That depends on the kind of feature you are looking for. If you are looking for a new shortcode, then we can add it. But you can also achieve that by creating your own shortcode in WP Shortcode Pro.
  • Where can I use WP Shortcode Pro on my website?

  • WP Shortcode Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you design and style your posts in endless, creative ways. Once you install WP Shortcode Pro on your website, you can access it inside your posts, pages, and even your custom posts. You can choose from the 80+ shortcodes available, each of which has unique properties.
  • Will my website slow down if I install WP Shortcode Pro?

  • Not at all. We have spent countless hours in optimizing WP Shortcode Pro so that it has a negligible load on your website. Our careful choice of a scalable architecture means that your website will still load the same, even if you have thousands of visitors.
  • Can I use WP Shortcode Pro in a language other than English?

  • Of course. WP Shortcode Pro is fully translatable into any language of your choice. It strictly follows WordPress's translation guidelines, which make it compatible with translation plugins as well.
  • What type of websites are supported by WP Shortcode Pro?

  • Any WordPress website can use WP Shortcode Pro. It can be a news site, a membership site, a personal blog, a corporate website, an ecommerce store, or an affiliate site. WP Shortcode Pro is compatible and has features useful for all types of websites.
  • Can I customize WP Shortcode Pro?

  • Yes. WP Shortcode Pro is fully customizable. You can overwrite the built-in shortcodes directly from WP Shortcode Pro and change or enhance their features. You can also create entirely new shortcodes by using the easy to use shortcode creator.
  • How do I pay for WP Shortcode Pro?

  • We currently support international credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.
  • Will I be re-billed a year later for WP Shortcode Pro?

  • Not exactly. Once you purchase WP Shortcode Pro, you own it and can use it forever. However, if you want to continue receiving updates and support, then you have to renew your license. Each license lasts for one year from the date of purchase, so any updates during that time will be available to you. You will also be able to contact support and get help from them during that time.
  • How quickly will you answer my questions?

  • Your queries will be answered in a maximum of 24 hours. Our support staff is available 24x7 and usually responds in a few hours. Depending on the number of support queries coming in, you might also be able to get an answer within minutes.
  • What support will I get with WP Shortcode Pro?

  • You will receive support for all issues and queries regarding WP Shortcode Pro for one year from the date of purchase. Our support team will help you diagnose and solve potential issues. The support team is available 24x7x365 and responds quickly to all queries.

    Please note that sometimes, a problem on your website might not occur because of WP Shortcode Pro. If that is the case, our support team will help you identify the issue, but won't be able to solve it. They will, however, try to point you in the direction of the solution.

  • How do I back up my settings in WP Shortcode Pro?

  • You can back up and export your settings in 2 ways.

    You can either use the code generated by WP Shortcode Pro for backup or use the JSON file. Both methods work equally well, and one method does not have an advantage over the other. Both these options are available in WP Shortcode Pro's General Settings -> Import/Export. We also have an in-depth tutorial on how to use the backup and transfer your settings.

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