Pinterest-Inspired WordPress Blog Theme That Features The Trademark Grid Layout With Multiple Post Sizes

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Pinstagram is a Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme that features the trademark grid layout with multiple post sizes and long list of posts. Capture the magic of Pinterest and maximize your pageviews with a layout users are familiar with, with the MyThemeShop powerful functionality and optimizations.

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Make Your Site As Engaging As Pinterest… (Without Crashing It)  Why Pinterest Is Important Here’s a couple figures you may find interesting… Pinterest grew 379,599% in 2012 alone. From 2011 to 2012, the Pinterest mobile app rose 1698% and users accessed the site via their mobile apps 4225% more.  What does this have to do with you? Pinterest’s growth has been incredible. But why are people so drawn to the platform?  They sparks one of the most powerful human drivers - desire. And they do this through beauty and ease of navigation.   We’re results people. And when we saw the above statistics, we knew we had to design a theme using one simple question as a driving force:   “What Would Pinterest Do?”  Now, you can implement these same psychological triggers on your site...
Enter - The Pinstagram Theme  In today’s age, you must display your content in a beautiful way. Pinstagram does this for you while pulling the psychological triggers that persuade people to engage.
Customize Your Site’s Most Vital Areas With Pinstagram, you won’t need to dive into code to make the most important changes. Because diving into code also means crashing your site - which will eventually happen if you mess with enough code. Ever tried un-crashing your site? Yeah...
Unlimited Color Schemes - Fully express who you are to the world with immediate access to unlimited color schemes. Want baby puke green? We won’t judge. No problemo.
Google Fonts-Ready - Ever try to use a Google Fonts plugin? Sorry to hear that. You’ll especially appreciate how easy it is with the Pinstagram Theme to change your font (on any or all pages) with a couple clicks
Widgets Galore - Drag and drop from our selection of the web’s most used widgets, from Popular Posts to Subscription options.
Ample Shortcodes - Hand-pick from our vault of shortcodes. These let you do nifty things with little effort that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code. Shortcode = shortcut (less valuable time wasted on your end)
Unlimited Backgrounds - Old theme got ya handcuffed into using two or three lame backgrounds? The Pinstagram Theme gives you Houdini-like abilities, freeing you to use an unlimited number of backgrounds.
Distinct Social Media Sharing Options - Amplify your social proof by putting your sharing buttons where people will actually use them (without relying on limited outside plugins).
Smart AdSense Positioning - Moving your ad a few pixels can mean the difference between a failed campaign and one that brings in the moolah. With Pinstagram you can put your ad wherever you’d like on your site and test until you hit the sweet spot.
Ready-To-Use Icons - Icons have proved to increase readability by bringing attention to important text. But they’re also a pain to upload and format to your site. Not now. Pop over to our icon font library and grab any icon you want in seconds.
In other words, you’ll be able to tailor the most important areas of your site the way you want. Without coding (and possibly crashing your site).   Do You Actually Want to Show Up In Search Results? A lot of themes are thrown together with sloppy code that makes it next to impossible for search engines to find.   Pinstagram’s clean code is like bait, drawing the Googlebot to your site so you can reel in those curious searchers. Here’s a few ways Pinstagram automatically makes your content more search-friendly…
Fully-integrated schema - To translate from nerdese, this means the search engines will show eye-catching and click-inducing snippets of your content instead of jumbled text that makes searchers skip over you faster than your old MC Hammer CD.
Clean Code - The Googlebot goes for the path of least resistance. If your code is tangled and messy, it won’t even bother. No need to go into your HTML and clean it up - Pinstagram cleans up for you behind the scenes.
Translation-Ready - Notice how most other themes don’t realize the web is worldwide? Throw in our drag-and-drop translation file so the whole world will be able to engage with you.
SEO-Ready - Do you talk Googlese? We do! Let us worry about algorithms and confusing jargon. We’ve implemented the latest tricks to keep that Googlebot crawling deeper and deeper into your site so it has the best chance of showing up beautifully in search results. Feeling Pumped? We’re Still Not Done… We’re fanatics in over-delivery. Here’s a few more things you’ll get when you grab this theme…
Fully Responsive - With 325 million+ mobile users in the US alone, your site must be responsive across ALL platforms. Pinstagram is fully responsive across ALL platforms - desktop, mobile, and tablet.
Multiple Layouts - Get 24 possible layouts for the price of one (6 homepage layouts and 4 various page layouts). Get creative and see which layout works best for you.
No-Brainer Options Panel - You won’t get motion sickness in Pinstagram’s options panel like most themes. Not only is it user-friendly, but because of our superior code, your site will load in a snap.
HTML5 and CSS3 - Not to worry... Pinstagram is fully up to date with the latest languages
Lightbox - Spotlight your most treasured multimedia content with the featured lightbox.
Premium Support - We have your back. Any issues you may have, please let us know. We’re here to make building your site an enjoyable experience. Start a thread in our support desk and we’ll get back to you stat.

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