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WP In Post Ads

Category: Addon
WP In Post Ads is the ultimate plugin for managing ads in your WordPress posts. You can split test, control each post, display ads randomly, and show or hide ads after time.
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WooCommerce Checkout Field Modifier does what it says on the box, allowing you to customize the fields for your WooCommerce store however you see fit. Powerful, reliable and flexible.
 $29.00  $19.00 Sale
WooCommerce Products Already Added to Cart or Purchased is a plugin for easily flagging up items in your store that a customer has already purchased or added to their shopping basket.
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WP Time To Read

Category: Addon, Functionality
The Time-to-Read plugin is a useful plugin for displaying the estimated time that it will take to read a given blog post on your website, based upon min and max words-per-minute values you set.
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WP Google Translate

Category: Addon, Functionality, Widgets
WP Google Translate is the best plugin available for translating your blog into over 80 different languages, without the hassles of manual translation or confusing integration.
 $29.00  $19.00 Sale

WP Notification Bar Pro

Category: Addon, Functionality
WP Notification Bar is a custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress which is perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.
 $29.00  $19.00 Sale
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WP Testimonials

Category: Addon, Functionality
WP Testimonials is the perfect plugin for displaying and managing testimonials about your product or service, with a fully customizable interface and great features to handle testimonials.
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WP Subscribe Pro

Category: Addon, Widgets
WP Subscribe Pro is the must-have subscription plugin for WordPress that will boost your conversion rates for newsletter subscribers and result in more residual traffic and earnings.
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MyThemeShop Theme & Plugin Updater

Category: Addon, Free WordPress Plugins
MyThemeShop Updater is a handy tool to keep your themes and plugins up-to-date while barely lifting a finger. Save time and keep your site up-to-date!
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