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Buzzstream Review – Ultimate Guide to Successful Brand Promotion

Buzzstream Review

Buzzstream is a high-quality digital marketing tool that is intended to help you in link building. Link building is an essential part of SEO process and can be the most time wasting SEO task.

Creating high-quality links for your website is not only daunting, but it is also getting harder with improved search engine algorithms.

Buzzstream is designed to make the process of creating high-quality links fast and less time-consuming.

It is one of the best outreach linking building tools available in the market today, if not the best of them all!

Buzzstream has been in the market for a while now, but the initial version of Buzzstream was filled with drawbacks that made them upgrade to their latest version.

The latest version of Buzzstream has a new interface that makes it easy to use and new features for improved performance. Ideally, it is an outreach link building tool that proves effective when put to good use.

Let’s look at some of the important features of this tool and how to make the most out of each.

1 Buzzstream Setup

Buzzstream Setuo

The process of setting up Buzzstream is fast and easy. The interface is very user-friendly and is therefore easy for you to navigate. The interface of the earlier version was a little complex and less user-friendly.

It made it hard for most people to be able to use and navigate and make use of all the features available. With the latest version of Buzzstream, anyone can be able to use it.

It not only provides you with a user-friendly interface but it also provides you with useful tools to make it fast and easy to build quality links.

When setting up Buzzstream for the first time, it will only take a few minutes. Most of the steps are easy to follow. The only part that might be a little challenging is integrating Buzzstream with your email provider to make it possible for you to receive and send emails in the system.

The process of integrating your email provider may be challenging depending on the email provider. For those using Google for mail, the process is easier and faster.

2 Features of Buzzstream

link building criteria

Buzzstream is designed to make the process of link building easy and less time-consuming. This tool allows you to customize the features to match your needs to link building needs and requirements.

You can set custom link types using this tool. Link building is time-consuming and challenging especially if you are new to SEO.

Most people are required to hire an SEO expert to help them in link building. With Buzzstream, you do not need to have a professional SEO expert to create for you quality links.

This link building tool also makes the process of link building easier for those engaging in large scale link building campaigns which involve a lot of research to get direct approaches to webmasters and purchase links.

It makes the process fast and easy, helping you boost the SEO of your website. Buzzstream may not be a complete SEO tool but it is a great link building tool that can be incorporate with other SEO tools to improve your SEO.

2.2 Ability to Add a Bookmark to your Toolbar

add bookmark to toolbar

Buzzstream allows you to add a bookmark to your toolbar. It makes it possible for you to add new link prospects to your BuzzStream database in a pop-up window.

This feature automatically scans the website to try and get contact details such as email address, phone number or contact form from the page. It pre-populates fields in your CRM entry thus making the method of adding sites to another system easier and faster.

With this tool, it is very easy for you to find contacts using the contact finding feature.

The feature not only gets information such as phone number and email address but it also gets information such as Facebook pages and Twitter IDs’. It makes it easy for you to effectively create a link building database.

Link management and analysis

The link building tool works as a CRM for link building activity and helps users keep track of their contacts and conversations with potential link partners.

This feature comes in handy for agencies that want to reduce the number of new contacts required to add links by reusing link data across campaigns.

For users with an SEO team that has their entire data in a well maintained CRM such as BuzzStream will pay dividends in the event that one of their team leaves and takes their link relationships along.

Link building is a very integral part of any SEO campaign. It is therefore important for you to have a good link building tool that cannot only help you create high-quality links but also help you in management and monitoring of your link building activities to ensure that your SEO strategies are effective.

2.4 Email Management Facility

Buzzstream provides you with reliable email management facility.

The earlier version of Buzzstream allowed you to save an email conversation in BuzzStream by BCC a copy of the email to a BuzzStream email address.

The latest version of BuzzStream lets you fully integrate it with your email account so that all your message history is documented against contact in your BuzzStream’s contact database.

It saves you time by ensuring that you have all your message history in one place for easy retrieval.

The tool’s system is very intuitive in link building workflow. It makes it easy to manage your link building process. You can have a list of link building projects and easily know the progress of each project.

2.5 ‘Outreach’ Module

The ‘outreach’ module is a feature that allows you to create template emails to link partners using mail merge style features.

This feature helps you in researching and adding quality link prospects to the database and then utilizing the outreach to present yourself and your proposition and later following up with replies that have a personal response.

2.6 Buzzbar

setup buzzmarker

Buzzbar feature allows you to open several sites at once in a browser style window and have important contact information and other details on one screen when steering outreach to prospects in your lists.

The feature lets you view the site, jog your memory of the reason you’re contacting the site owner and send an outreach email from a template without moving from the screen.

It helps to speed up the link prospecting process and makes the process easy even for beginners.

3 Plans and Pricing

Buzzstream pricing info

Buzzstream is available in a range of plans that range from $99/ month to $999/ month. Each plan has different features depending with the link building project you want.

The range in price of the plans also depends on the amount of link building projects you want to manage and the number of users that you require to access the system.

If you need agencies to access the system, then you need to get a larger plan. It is important to note that Buzzstream is only a link building tool and not an SEO tool thus you may require other tools such as rank checking tools as well as reporting tools.

4 Pros of Buzzstream

  • Buzzstream allows you to find outreach prospects based on certain conditions such as periodically eg. weekly to make it easy to get prospects on an ongoing basis.
  • It automatically searches for contact info from a list of websites thus saving you time that you would use to search for email addresses, contact forms or even social media profiles.
  • The tool uses CRM to help you keep track of your email outreach to ensure you can have a record of your relationship with other influencers and bloggers.
  • Buzzstream is capable of keeping track of your correspondence with multiple users to let you continue the conversation diligently.
  • It allows you to generate multiple campaigns to establish your outreach efforts.
  • Buzzstream supports multiple users thus several users can log into the system and effectively use it.
  • The link building tool keeps track of information for every website that can be useful in highlighting your outreach efforts thus saving you time that you would use reaching out to bloggers who don’t regularly update their sites.
  • Buzzstream lets you send emails to multiple contacts concurrently or send out emails independently for a more personalized outreach.
  • The tool can be configured to suit the type of link building you and your team want by setting up custom link types and importing the outreach email templates of your choice.

5 Cons of Buzzstream

  • Buzzstream consolidates multiple URL’s from the same domain into one record.
  • The tool only searches the site for contact information but it can at times miss what a human would otherwise see, such as if the email address is in an image instead of text.
  • Buzzstream is a link building tool and not an SEO tool thus you may require other tools such as rank checking tools as well as reporting tools.

6 Final Verdict – Buzzstream Review

Buzzstream is a great link building tool that helps you manage your link building projects. The latest version of this tool has been improved to help better the users’ experience.

It has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use. It also has additional features that make the process of creating quality links fast and easy.

It is important to note that Buzzstream will only help you in link building thus you will need other tools such as rank checking and analytics tools to boost your SEO.

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