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New Release: FashionBlog Beautiful WordPress Theme

These days, grid-based layouts are all the rage, but so few of them are well executed.  A high-quality grid-based WordPress blog theme should have ample white space, and respond to changing browser sizes to adjust automatically.

FashionBlog WordPress Theme

With this in mind, our latest theme is FashionBlog.  FashionBlog is everything you’d want from a grid-based WordPress theme.  With a fully customizable, flexible and elegant design, FashionBlog is also completely responsive and handles mobile devices with ease.

Built on a rock-solid framework using HTML5 and CSS3, FashionBlog is future proof and has a splash of color to catch the eye.  With all the features you’ve come to expect from MyThemeShop such as our related posts, custom widgets, shortcodes, and options panel, FashionBlog is simple to set up and awesome to use.

Also included is premium support and lifetime updates, so as the web changes, you’ll be ready.  Since it’s also fully customizable, you can quickly make FashionBlog your own personal theme and add more features on your WordPress blog.

Check out the demo for FashionBlog here: FashionBlog Demo

And now, purchase it individually or as part of our membership program to get all our awesome themes: Buy FashionBlog Theme

Thanks for your loyalty to MyThemeShop!

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