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New Release: One-Click Translation For Your Website with WP Google Translate Plugin

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WordPress has enabled us to share our opinions with the rest of the world through a WordPress blog. Most of the information is now available at the touch of a button regardless of whether you live in USA, Russia, Japan, Australia or anywhere else.

Not everyone speaks the language you speak though and sometimes, we just wish there was a magic button to let us translate our thoughts in every language out there. Well, there is now.

WP Google Translate plugin, our latest premium WordPress plugin – makes your website available in 80 different languages with the click of a button. Your users can select their native language from an elegant translate bar available on your website and start reading using a language they are comfortable in.

WP Google Translate is fluid-responsive to enable even your mobile readers to get the reading experience they deserve. The plugin has a powerful options panel that enables you to customize colors, buttons, styles, and placement.

With the included Google Analytics option, you will always know which language is most popular with your audience. There is an option to exclude mobile browsers as well if you wish to enable it.

Here are the main features of WP Google Translate Plugin:

  • 24/7 Support
  • 80 different Languages Supported
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Responsive For All Devices
  • Powerful Backend Options
  • Google Analytics Enabled
  • Customize Button Positioning
  • Can Be Set as a Button, Menu or Widget
  • AJAX Style Preview
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Supports All WordPress Themes

You can check how it works and other details on this link.

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