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New Release: WooCart – Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme

WooCart eCommerce WordPress Theme
eCommerce is now a $1.2 trillion-plus market just in the United States.

43% users prefer to shop on their tablets and mobile eCommerce is now worth $1.5 trillion. This figure literally shouts out loud that you should use only responsive wordpress themes for your WordPress blog or website.

Basically, desktop, mobile and tablet users are spending a lot of money online on their purchases and a website that caters to all 3 segments has a better chance of being successful than the one catering to only one or two.

We wanted to help and release a theme that gives our users a fair advantage over others.

Our new theme WooCart, the ultimate WooCommerce theme, ensures that you take home a big piece of this eCommerce pie.

WooCart theme comes under our top premium WordPress Themes which is perfect for websites that want to enhance their user experience on all three categories (Mobile, Tablet as well as Desktop.)

Not only is WooCart fluid responsive, we have also used research from psychology and behavioral science for the web, along with client case studies, to help boost your ROI, lower your bounce rate, and increases the conversion rate and sales rate. Just to give you a little insight, an eCommerce WordPress theme has a different purpose to solve as compared to a simple WordPress blog theme.

Ramp up your website with a simple yet elegant design that is proven to show positive results for websites.

Here some of the main highlights of this theme:

  • Fully Responsive and WooCommerce Compatible
  • Unique Design Makes Users Purchase
  • Beautiful Homepage Design
  • Schema Integrated for Improved Search Rankings
  • Drag and Drop Homepage
  • and many others you have come to love MyThemeShop for.

For a detailed list of features, demo and pricing information, click here.

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