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Ryan Robinson
Ryan teaches 400k+ monthly readers how to start a blog & grow a profitable business.
Faster sites, better design and better support.
Jeremy Schoemaker
Jeremy is an entrepreneur, founder of ShoeMoney Media.
My SEO Drastically Improved, Like Double The Amount of Traffic.
Zac Johnson
Zac is a self taught entrepreneur. He owns blogging.org & bloggingtips.com
MyThemeShop, they are the best around!
Matthew Woodward
Matthew is a Multiple award winning internet marketing blogger
Excellent Support. You just can't put a price on that level of support.
Marisel is a founder of MommyHomeBiz which offers work from home ideas.
Great quality WordPress Themes with great support.
Jeremy is certified Personal Trainer & founder of HiitYourBody.com
They Are Affordable and Very High Quality.
Maider Izeta
Maider runs a Travel photography Spanish blog at Packandclick.com
My Google Rankings Have Improved. More Traffic Coming To My Website.
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William Abeleven is a contributing writer at GorillaWriting.com
Very Patient & Good Support. I Would Recommend Them To Anybody.
Aiman is a Co-Founder of Smblage.com and writes about technology & gaming.
My Website Loads Really Really Fast.
Barry Vaudrin
He is a cruise journalist and travels around the world in cruise ships for a living.
Great customer service.
Dieter Hofer
Dieter Hofer is owner, foto journalist and blogger at the travel website 1a-urlaub.com
MyThemeShop Have Almost 100% Solution To Every Problem.
Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma is an Entrepreneur, Founder of seobhp (SEO)
MyThemeShop Have One of The Best Support Teams. MTS Is Awesome!
Zafar Iqbal
Zafar Iqbal is the owner BusinessSetupInDubai.com
I am freelance web designer because of MyThemeShop.
Monica Rennerl
Monica Renner is the owner of WebCasamiento
The customer service from MyThemeShop is great and it's very easy to work with the themes.
Deepak Chauhan
Founder @ TheInsightrr.com, blog about system-on-chips and related electronics.
MyThemeShop takes theme customization & support to the next level, they are a class apart.
Titilayo is the founder of FloraIP - a food, agriculture & intellectual property website.
If you are looking for excellent customer service, I will highly recommend MyThemeShop.
Mary-Anne is the founder of CeramicCookwareHub.com
Within 24 hours of me contacting the support team, they had the site up and running.
Diane is a freelance web designer and developer at WebsitesByDiane.com
Support at MyThemeShop has been way above and beyond what I'd expected.
Jimmie is an online instructor with Central Texas College. He manages Cleanastic.com
Support at MyThemeShop has been way above and beyond what I'd expected.
Tiger Bill
Tiger is the owner of TigerMix Media, which helps to create a long-term online business.
Schema theme is really easy to install and optimize.
Jamie Irwin
Jamie is a blogger from Treadmill Reviews UK, which reviews Treadmills.
The only thing I can say to MyThemeShop is live long and prosper.
Avinash Mishra
Avinash is a Blogger, He writes about Quality assurance and Selenium at Inviul.
Heartfelt thanks to the support team.
Rashmi is the founder of WildlifeZones, blogs about nature & wildlife travel..
Schema is one of the fastest themes around, I highly recommend it.
She left her full-time job at an architectural firm to pursue blogging as a full-time career.
SEO Boosts Content and Adsense Earnings.
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Always Updated Themes and Plugins.
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Recommended for Design Upgrades.
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Makes Me Look Like a Professional.
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The Struggle for the Right WP Theme is Over.
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Up and Running Quickly without Hurdles.
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Friendly and Helpful Team at MyThemeShop.
Christian decided to use MyThemeShop themes beacuase they are easy to use.
Professional and Beautiful Blogs in Minutes.
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Themes Worth Telling Others About.
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Professional Look with Great Value.
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Easy to Maintain and Saves Tons of Time.
Sravanthi manages websites as a part of her full-time job.
Best Theme Maker for All Needs.
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Excellent Value for Both Products and Support.
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Themes that Actually Match the Demo.
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Happy Customer No Longer Looking Elsewhere.
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Steady Increase in Visitors.

Far away you're the best support I ever see in all my years on Internet. Thanks a lot!
MyThemeShop support is the best in industry. Most of my queries have been answered within 15 minutes and I couldn't be happier. Kudos and please keep it up.

Adnan Bhatt

I have experience with near dozen templates for Joomla and Wordpress and this one is really easy to use and full of features, including Translation, which is generally not included on other templates and is a must for international users.
I'm very happy for having choosed MyThemeShop's theme. I asked for having support in order to personalize something (i.e. tag more for every single post), and the support has been very effective and speedy. Many thanks.
We are using multiple themes from MyThemeShop and are very pleased with both the themes and the support. Keep up the great work.
Just wanted to tell everyone that the support at MyThemeShop is just awesome. Everyone is helping very fast and even personal support including changes on the theme on a live-website is no problem.
MyThemeShop has without a doubt great service, not only friendly with their 'feel free to ask' policy, so you dont dumb to ask, but also a quick reply. I'm very pleased and happy with MyThemeShop!
It tooks a few hours, but finally I was able to customize my site exactly the way I wanted thanks to the staff here. Thanks again MyThemeShop.
We searched for a fast, attractive responsive theme until we found MyThemeShop, and decided to go for them. Definitely made the right choice, and our site is loading super fast right now.
Theme Quality. Go and check the demo! A blogger's heaven that might suite one custom need. I literally zeroed in on MTS after going through several other themes which promised me the moon but missed on something. 5 STAR for support!
Tinkering with plugins and scripts to get your blog to work right on other devices is such a hassle. It's nice to have things that just plain work and MyThemeShop's themes do.

Ronald Bien

I refer a lot of my friends to you, because I love what you are doing. You are creating beautiful simple designs that can be unique. And I absolutely love that your themes are responsive!

Pepper Ferguson

I'm new user of theme of MyThemeShop but feel happy. The theme is cool, and friendly user. I appreciate for all, especially for support team that very fast to solved the problem. Thank you.
I came up with an issue in which I've spend hours trying to fix. I've contacted the support team and within two replyes, my issue was solved! I'm amazed how fast and easy this worked for me, definitely great!
My experience with MyThemeShop although new, is definitly happiness and satisfaction, not desperate and helplesness like I experienced before.
I have been using your products since last three months and really everything is fantastic from product to support. Also, I have seen much increase in traffic and sales due to your theme. Love? No lots of love.
Being a WordPress developer, I know how it is to use plugins for every feature like Social Sharing Buttons, Reviews, Related Posts, Widgets, Optin Forms. MyThemeShop has become a one stop solution for all these features built inside a single theme.
I have had a wonderful experience working with MyThemeShop! This is my first attempt to create a website and so I have many (probably very simple & silly) questions. The support is always very fast & helpful. Thank you!!
Thank you MyThemeShop. I have no experience (and interest) in theming. I discover your website 1 year ago and now I use only your premium themes for the different websites I'm working on. Your themes are great and your support is really helpful.
Thank you so much for the help in modifying the theme.... Definitely the best after sales service.
Very quick to respond and helped me with all the questions I had! Great experience!!
All have to say is that MTS made me a forever loyal customer now, because of your adamant Support. So I got nothing to say besides thank you for the outstanding business and support, I really feel like the help provided is priceless.
Thanks MyThemeShop For Amazing fast Response, really appreciate for quality of your Theme I am one Happy customer of you, Always Do work like you doing.
Thank you very much. This has been the most prompt response on support. All the best.
Ever Since I Found MyThemeShop, I Have Never Had Any Course of Turning Back. I am proud of MyThemeShop.
I bought a new template and My Theme Support Team helped me about installing new web site. It was great experience. Thanks for your help.
Since I use the products of MyThemeShop the changes are really remarkable, of course I recommended, very easy to translate themes.
I've searched a lot for a theme that had all the qualities that I need-it and only MyThemeShop had something I wanted, at a really good price.

Enciu Constantin

The support here has been amazing. There are always multiple moderators replying within 24 hours offering their help. I simply follow the forum thread that I create and get notifications when someone has posted in my topic.
MTS staff responds reliably, effectively and quickly to ALL inquires. They are are always courteous, and address each issue with clarity and specificity.
I am a newbie to WordPress and setting up my own site, especially that it does take a learning curve on my part to become fluent in WordPress and its theme! The support I had was top-notch and very quick. Wow!! I would recommend MyThemeShop!
Guys! Great theme and amazing support!! I'm really happy with my website and would recommend you to every client :) Thanks for the great work!
These guys were really great with their customer service. I definitely wouldn't mind buying all of my themes from MyThemeShop because of how promptly they respond to their customers. Kuddos!
I love MyThemeShop theme. IT IS AMAZING <3 Thanks for all the support that you guys have given me since I purchased the item.
If you're looking for WordPress themes that are all about having clean and efficient code, fast support response time, great design, then look no further: MyThemeShop! :)

Ben Lemon

@SoundsFromSound on Twitter
MyThemeShop is simply the best theme provider with decent prices and Amazing support. A beginner can easily customize a website with this free support forum.
I use one of the themes of MyThemeShop. I like the products of MyThemeShop as they are nice and responsive.
I had a problem with a MyThemeShop Theme. The support team worked with me to find a solution. Thank you.
This is my feedback for your support team. I never tried a customer service so fast, I really appreciated it. Thank you.
My site is ready to go, and I can't truthfully say that it would be that way without the excellent and professional staff. Thank you!
I'm happy to be your user, customer and a fan. All of you well done skilled professionals. Support team is really up to date and quick. So like 911. I love your products.
I’ve been using this plugin for many years now, and it’s a beautiful, functional review plugin that does what it says. In the years I’ve been using it, and I definitely think it’s a good review plugin to check out if you post reviews on your site.
I am very satisfied with all the themes I got from this company. Every theme comes with great plugins and widgets, the most important advantage for me is its simplicity.
I am so happy that I found a MyThemeShop theme and the support is outstanding. You get really fast the right information. Thank you guys.
They help me a lot and the answer was fast and at the first answer I get the solution and problem solved. Thank you so much!.
I recently had 2 questions regarding my MyThemeShop theme. My questions were answered in a timely and professional manner. I am very happy with the support I have received here.
You guys absolutely ROCK! You have a great support team and great themes (wow that rhymes). I should have found you 2 years ago!
I bought a theme from MTS a few days ago and their support is fantastic. I need to customize my theme and they give prompt replies to my queries. That's the benefit of a premium theme.
The team at MyThemeShop... DO THEY EVER SLEEP?? :) I applaud your outstanding work and your tireless customer support. Amazing.
So I have a blog where I was previously using a free theme. I HAVE ZERO HTML AND CSS KNOWLEDGE. I have been hounding the support staff at MyThemeShop for days. They have helped me make tweaks to the site so that it is now EXACTLY how I envisioned it to be.
They've completely won me over. I'm so happy to have found them. I'm happily going to recommend them to everyone and will gladly give them my business over and over again.
The entire process could not have been easier. Honestly I've spent 10x as long trying to solve simpler issues for non-MyThemeShop themes, plugins, etc. Thank you for the help!
I really like the professionalism of MyThemeShop. They are extremely quick, courteous and friendly in their responses.
I want to leave here my testimony of appreciation for the excellent support I have received MyThemeShop team. I feel very comfortable and safe to advance my projects.
I love almost all the themes of My Theme Shop because of it's appealing look, fast loading and responsiveness. I am using MTS themes for all my niche and authority sites. I must say that the Support of MTS is tremendously good and fast.
MyThemeShop (MTS) folk provide exceptional "here's how to do it" support, even on a Saturday when I was trying to sort out our new ecom shop tweaks. No attitude, no snark, no RTFM moments (and yes, I do check the docs first). Bravo.
I've had three request for support over the last 4 days. The responses were all prompt and extremely useful! Thanks!!!
I've experienced difficulties with my Theme and support team solved my issue. Thanks again.
Did much research on Themes and companies before getting started! Tech folks responded to all my pre-sales questions; and now as a member I can get questions answered fast. Very please all the way around.
Wanted to publicly 'shout out' to the Support Team at MyThemeShop. I am really enjoying the Theme I purchased.
Used and worked with few premium WordPress themes and support before, but I must say MyThemeShop support is much better than any others. Quick, professional, understand my issues, and mostly their solutions work.
Excellent themes and support! Create your site with MyThemeShop as easy as make a cup of tea!
We are using MyThemeShop themes for several months and their themes are best! Runs smooth on desktop, tablet and smartphones. I can use several AdSense Ads and also can add our sponsors logo easily.
Now it's also great to pay for a GREAT support like this. Amazing how they are fast and they can help so quickly with great results.
I am so delighted to have found you. Website building and customising are all new to me. I could not have done it without your help. The level of support you give is exceptional, so thank you very much.
Fast and professional support from MyThemeShop support staff. Really appreciate it!
I've been using MyThemeShop templates for some time now. Every time I have had a question or issue, they are here to help, often going way above and beyond what might be expected.
We are particularly impressed with the service rendered by MyThemeShop support staffers. Present them with a problem, and you often have a solution with 24 hours. It's tough to beat that kind of responsiveness.
Simply what you expect when you buy a product: it works well, it is what they say it is and you get what you need! Great customer service! Kind and quick. Thanks!
I am simply awestruck by the support for the MyThemeShop theme that I am using. Thanks a lot guys. Keep rocking.
I've gotten about 10 themes and plugins from MyThemeShop. Its ability to set up easily and quickly, its INCREDIBLE customer service, and its affordable prices make buying from MyThemeShop a no-brainer for your future projects!
Thank you so much for replying fast to my queries. Wow, in less than a minute, I had everything working fine in my site's theme just the way I like it. I'm so impressed with your themes. They are so fast and clean. More power!
Just a big thanks to MPrime and WPNinja for solving the issue I was having with captions on my gallery photos. They hung in there and eventually did solve the issue. Really appreciate the excellent service.
I love the MyThemeShop and the support is even better. Fast and accurate and patient. Thank you kindly support and the creators of this theme.
I speak for sure that the Theme Shop My support is one of the best in the world. There is hardly a support team so well prepared and committed to solving customer problems with full credibility.
If some feature of the theme you have is bother your eyes, simply go to the support forum and all support team will give you some CSS code to change the theme as good as you want.
MyThemeShop support goes above and beyond in helping people set up themes to suit their customers needs.
Great job guys!, reports with PageSpeed Insights and PingdomTools.
Guys from MyThemeShop totally rock! They offer excellent themes, great promotions and the best support so far. I'd recommend them to anyone :)
First, you guys put our clean coded themes and I really appreciate that. Secondly, I have been using your themes and testing them out for a few months and I have found your support is fantastic.

David Trounce

@MalleeBlue on Twitter
The response team was quick and effectively helped me fix the bugs! Thank you so much for the help, YOU GUYS ROCK!
There's lots of WP theme companies but MTS goes the extra mile with optimizations and it's worked wonders for my blog.

Andy Sowards

Great support from MyThemeShop support staff.
I'm a new client and was very frustrated when I could not upload the theme dummy content on site. I provided access to my site to the support team and fell asleep. When I woke up, everything worked! That's magic! Thank you very much!
Since using MyThemeShop themes as a Pro member, my problems/fixes are solved by their support & I get to focus on content development instead of problem solving. Be smart. Buy your themes here. The reasons are obvious in their stellar support.
Good support, you have been helpful. Thank you.
I have had a couple of occasions where I have struggled with a template I purchased from MyThemeShop and have received prompt response to my issues along with successful solutions. The support is spot on and it exceeds my expectations!
I'm from finland and my English is so bad. but maybe you know a little understand. I think this support better than facebook, themeforest, my internet customer service and my mum. Everywhere is awesome moderators. Thanks for all support!
Loads of Thank You for all your support all the time. I bought so many themes and plugins from you guys and the customer support is totally Awesome.
I just wanted to Thank you all so much for the wonderful support you have given me as well as many others. I've worked with MANY themes and different sites and none of them hold a torch to you guys.

Audrey Ostoyic

MTS want to help! I ask many questions when trying out one of their great value themes and ALWAYS receive quick, useful and polite replies. If it needs fixing, they fix it! Great company all round. :)
MyThemeShop helps you out with almost everything. They are really fast with their responses and help!
I've used a lot of theme companies in the past while creating websites for customers and MyThemeShop has the friendliest, most helpful support around! I would recommend them to others.
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