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The Ultimate Web Server Security Guide

In our last security guide, we covered WordPress security in depth. Today, we’re going to show you how to harden your server against attacks. Hardening your WordPress installation is a vital first step, so if you haven’t read through the first article, go and read it now. That said,

The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide – Make Your Site Hackproof

If you pay attention to the media, you’ll hear about sites getting hacked all the time. Usually, it seems to happen to large organizations, like banks, e-commerce companies, and government departments. As a humble website owner, you may think you’re safe. After all, you’re not a huge target. Why

Difference Between a Domain Name and Web Hosting- The Ultimate Guide

Many new bloggers or internet marketing newbies often get confused by the web development jargon. It helps to understand the way that web technologies work, for you to build a successful business online. Two of the most confused terms are the domain name and web hosting. These are two

How to Auto-Redirect When WordPress Search Query Only Returns One Match

Sometimes is the little things that make a big difference. Saving your visitors from a click here and a scroll there can make the user experience just a little more enjoyable. This can further help in boosting the conversion rates as well. If you provide your visitors with the

Why So Many Blogs Fail (and How to Not Be One of Them)

We never launch blogs with an aim to fail. Although some create blogs as just something you can do casually, most of us create blogs so that we can make money from them. However, most blogs that launch never make it past the first year let alone the first