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How to Disable Directory Browsing in WordPress

We WordPress lovers will shout it to the world — WordPress is amazing! We love it and as the world’s leading CMS platform, it’s clear that a lot of other people do too. But, as many seasoned WP users and developers will tell you, a WordPress installation, though great,... Read More

Locked Out of The WordPress Dashboard? Here Is A Simple Fix

As a WordPress user, you must have been locked out of your admin area at least a few times. Sometimes this error can leave users clueless as to how they can deal with it and log back in without losing their work. Should you want to make sure that... Read More

How Do You Take A Blog Post From Good To Great?

When you’re first starting out as a blogger, it is easy to think that you can just sit and write a blog post and see amazing results without much effort. As time will teach you, though, there is quite a bit of work that goes into writing a great... Read More

Your Headlines Suck, and Here’s Why

Ever heard of David Ogilvy? Most of the younger generation, like myself, have probably never heard of the guy, so let me tell you a bit about him. David Ogilvy was THE original Mad Man and he is always referred to as the Father of Advertising. In fact, much... Read More
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