How to Come Up With a Blog Name?

This is the biggest question for any blogger who is planning to start a new WordPress blog. Many bloggers do not focus on their blog name while starting a new blog and probably regret it during the later stages.

Choosing the perfect blog name for your website is very important. It should have some relevancy with the niche, service or product you are showcasing on your blog.

how to come up with a blog name

Picking a perfect blog name is always a big challenge. There are various thoughts that arise and the process becomes quite difficult if you are planning to start your first blog.

So what is a blog name? In technical terms, blog name is typically the domain name which a user types on their web browser to visit your website.

We are using as our domain name.

So how to decide which domain name would be the best? Let’s start with a basic understanding and see how to choose the best blog name for our next blogging project.

1 Things to Consider while Choosing a Perfect Blog name

There are some aspects which you need to consider before landing on a perfect blog name. These points will help you to have a clear understanding while choosing the domain name for your blog.

  1. What is the Niche of your blog?
  2. Which tone to use for your blog?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. Do you want to build a brand name around your blog?

If you have a clear cut idea about the above points, congratulations, you are on the right track.

2 Characteristics of an Unforgettable Blog Name

A perfect blog name will carry these characteristics:

  1. Short and simple– Keep your domain name short and crisp.
  2. Unique and legally defensible– The name should not be copyrighted by someone else. It should be unique and have a clean background.
  3. Easy to spell and type– Given two mobile numbers, 9898989898 and 9854872395, which one would be simple to remember? Same goes for your blog as well.
  4. No hyphens and numbers– Never include numbers and special character in your domain name. You are choosing a domain name, not a password.
  5. Appropriate for the topic or niche on which you are making your blog.

Moreover, your blog name should convey the service you are offering. For example, take our domain name for instance-

The domain itself gives a little idea about our service i.e. offering Free and Premium WordPress Themes.

Likewise, your domain name should also give your visitor a little idea about your blog.

3 Choosing a Perfect Domain Name- The Best Approach

While starting a blog, you should always ask yourself one question, why? When you have a clear cut idea about the topic on which you want to blog about, the next step is to choose a good name for your blog which is relevant to the niche.

Believe or not, you should spend maximum time in deciding these two parameters, niche and blog name. Whether you need a month or two, take a good amount of time for deciding the niche and blog name.

Follow the below-mentioned approach for finding the perfect name for your blog.

3.1 Use a descriptive name

Your blog name should speak for the content of your blog. While deciding and picking up a blog name, try to choose a name which gives a hint to your viewers about the content of your blog. Choose the keywords which reflect the ideology of your blog so that the user gets what they expect.

Make a list of all the possible topics on which you would be blogging about. Note down the services and products that you will be promoting on your blog. Think about what ideas and knowledge you will communicate via your blog.

Use a Thesaurus to find the relevant synonyms and antonyms for your niche. You can then arrange the keywords and synonyms to generate a good relevant blog name. Note one point, keep the name short and simple.

3.2 Always go for a Brand name

Never go for typical blog names which are difficult to spell and sound cracky. Always visualize about how your blog will look when it becomes a viral brand in the market.

So how to come up with a blog name which will look good when it is on the verge of becoming a big brand? To end up choosing a perfect brand name, always go for brainstorming to find some creative names and synonyms which can become your brand.

A perfect brand name is catchy, simple and easy to memorize. Need more understanding? Have you ever felt hard in remembering names like Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Instagram?

To create a unique, simple and cool brand name:

  • Blend, mix and truncate words (Groupon, Pinterest)
  • Misspell words (Tumblr, Flickr)
  • Compound various words (YouTube, FaceBook)
  • Try mixing different affixes (prefixes and suffixes) to form new words (Spotify, Napster)

DeGraeve is an amazing tool to create new words using prefixes and suffixes

3.3 Make a brand

Build a brand for yourself. It gives a more personal and warm presence to your visitors. Many influential bloggers have built a brand using their personal name as their domain name.

Doing so, you can have the flexibility to sell your personal products and services too. This can include teaching courses, E-Books, T-Shirts and what not.

If you want to be the limelight of your work, why not go with your personal name as your blog name.

4 Best Hacks for coming up with keyword rich brand names

Suppose you are blogging about technology. Taking the root word “tech”:

  • Add suffixes like: ous, ify, matic, ity, icious, cy, ckr, erify, cy.
  • Add prefixes like: new, u, i, go, the, my, get.
  • Add different variations in the end. For eg: techo, techi, techq, techd etc.
  • Add vowels like techo, techa, techu, techii etc

Using these simple hacks, you can create an impressive and meaningful domain name by keeping the root word in it.

4.1 Use Robots (blog name generator)

You can also use various online portals for automatic name suggestions. These sites use a certain algorithm to search the domain names randomly and then check for their availability.

Note: Being a Robot or a programmed software, such services do give a lot of unusable suggestions as well.

Online Tools for generating ideas:

4.2 Avoid using Generic Names

Going with the generic terms is easy but, for creating a brand name which sticks in the mind of your users, it is always advised to avoid such names.

Always go with the specific terms using the relevant synonyms and keywords which would look good when associated with the blog content.

Always go with a unique name for your blog. This will help the users to memorize it easier as compared to using fancy generic terms. Just imagine a tech blog by the name “techsneeze.”

4.3 Research about your competitor

Always go through your competitors’ blog. You don’t want to land up copying a similar name for your domain name. Many times, you cannot include the names of authority blogs inside your domain name.

For example: if a website is on Hollywood niche, it is not advisable to choose a domain name having the name of actors such as

Using names of registered companies and famous personalities can land you up in a legal dispute at one point or another.

4.4 Look For Thematic Relevance

Instead of only going for keywords and synonyms, look for a thematic relevance in your blog name.

For example: “TechCrunch” was all about crunching the numbers associated with the startups. “Mashable” was originally about the mashup of social media with technology.

It would be a good decision to take some time while deciding the domain name. Thematic relevance is important and can be seen in many top notch websites. For e.g., a viral website will have a different theme than a technology website.

4.5 Should pass the Mobile Test

As per the current statistics, mobile devices drive nearly 56% of the total traffic to the websites. Thus, it is very necessary to choose a domain name which is easy to type on the mobile devices.

This is an important factor and you will actually realize this once your blog starts gaining popularity by word of mouth. The next person should be able to write your blog name correctly on their mobile browser.

Certain tips that you can use in this case:

Tip 1:

Use a short Domain Name: For example, is easy to type and understand as compared to which appears to be less authoritative.

Tip 2:

Never use special characters and hyphens in your blog name. This only makes the blog name look out of the context and more difficult to remember for the user. Just imagine a blog name like Quite pathetic isn’t?

4.6 Add humor to your Domain Name

If the purpose of your blog is not very serious, you can play a little more with your domain name. You can add a pinch of fun and humor into your blog name.

For example- RottenTomatoes deals with providing information about movies and television series, has no keyword/synonym in their domain name which suggests about their content in any way. Moreover, they have added a pinch of humor by keeping their name as RottenTomatoes.

5 Conclusion

How to come up with a blog name which is perfect in all aspects? Well, you should give a good time to decide the domain name for your blog.

The above hacks and approaches will definitely ease the process and help you to choose a perfect blog name.

Choosing the perfect blog name is no rocket science. It is a process of taking all the motives of your blog in consideration and then deciding what name would suit the best on your blog.

We hope that you would be able to choose the perfect domain name by using the above techniques.

Try to stay focused on your primary motive behind your blog. Analyse your competitors and take suggestions from your friends.

Do share your views in the comment section below.

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