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How to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources in WordPress?

You might have heard that an average user waits less than 15 seconds on a website to load completely before going away. That means if you are running a website that takes ages to load, your visitors will go away even before the site loads completely. Do you know

How to Change or Reset the WordPress Admin Password? Easy Steps to Follow

Are you looking for an effective and easy way to reset your WordPress site’s password? Resetting your site password from time to time can be an excellent move to keep your website secure and away from hackers. In this article, we’ll show you six working methods to change the

How to Properly Display Testimonials on Your Website? – The Ultimate Guide

How many times have you bought something because your friend, your mom, or your co-worker told you about how great it was? It’s no secret that people’s opinions can influence the things we buy – but this doesn’t just apply when it comes to advice from people we know. BrightLocal’s

How to Remove Powered by WordPress footer Links?

Creating a WordPress website is a big task. You give hours and hours to develop it, to make it look perfect from every corner. It hurts to see the footer when you find something written like this ‘Powered by WordPress | Theme by Company X’. You put your money

How to Add Share Buttons as Overlay on Your Images in WordPress

Being able to engage your viewers is an important part of any website. One method that captures a reader’s attention is the pictures that are used in a blog post. These seemingly insignificant add-ons have more power than we tend to give them credit for. With popular sites like

How To Resize Images Without Losing Quality?

Whenever it comes to publishing a blog post to your WordPress blog or just making a new page, you will always need to add some images to keep peoples attention. What if the image you want to use is too small for the section you want to use it

How to Embed Google Forms in WordPress?

Have you ever wondered how you would embed Google forms in WordPress? Did you know that Google offers an embed functionality with its forms which you can use to embed them on any external website, including WordPress sites? In this post, we will share how you can use Google

What is FTP? How to Use it to Upload Files to WordPress?

What Is FTP & How To Use It In A Hassle-Free Manner? Using WordPress can be very difficult at times, especially when you have made an error and locked yourself out of your website. In such a situation, you have a very limited number of options to detect the

How to Install WordPress Locally on Windows and Mac?

If you just started a blog on WordPress, the temptation to make it perfect is strong. You want to try all the beautiful WordPress themes, experiment with all the useful plugins and test all the features of WordPress out. But doing that directly on your website would be bad.

How to Auto-Redirect When WordPress Search Query Only Returns One Match

Sometimes is the little things that make a big difference. Saving your visitors from a click here and a scroll there can make the user experience just a little more enjoyable. This can further help in boosting the conversion rates as well. If you provide your visitors with the

How to Remove Unused Shortcodes from WordPress

Shortcodes—the great time saver for many WordPress users looking to build a site or add something without the hassle of coding from scratch. Now, I love to use Shortcodes as much as the next person, but they tend to be a remedy that can lead to plenty of other

WordPress Plugins vs Widgets: How Are They Different?

For this post, I was looking for the clearest and most convincing way of differentiating a WordPress Plugin from a Widget. And trust me, the more I read, the weirder the explanations that I kept getting. So, I thought I’d take resort to use an analogy. Why? Because when

How To Automate Tasks for WordPress?

I get it — you’re busy. But no matter how busy you are, there are still things that you have to get done. When it comes to running a WordPress blog, there are a bunch of tasks both big and small that need your regular attention. Many times, those

An Introduction to WordPress Sticky Posts

When you’re new to WordPress, learning all of the little hacks and features built-in to the CMS platform can be a little bit daunting. One feature that stands out a bit less but that is can still come in handy, is the Sticky Post feature in the WordPress Editor.

How to Edit the .htaccess File in WordPress?

The .htaccess file is a configuration file that is located in the root of your WordPress installation. This file can be used to override the general settings of your WordPress installation, .htaccess is an abbreviation of term ‘Hypertext Access’. There is a period that precedes the file name ‘.htaccess’

How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

WordPress has become the most universally popular content management system and its use for building sites continues to grow exponentially. Starting your blog on WordPress or switching to it from Blogger will be your best decision. By default, WordPress comes with the basic theme that can be customized to improve

How To Add Amazon Affiliate Products To WooCommerce?

Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms which sells a wide variety of products through its online platform. It has brought a major revolution in the digital scape by providing door to door service of goods and physical products. This has changed the conventional system of buying products

How to install a free SSL Certificate on WordPress using Let’s Encrypt?

The Internet is a vast network of a large number of networks interwoven together. Web servers power different websites to make them accessible through web browsers. Unfortunately, websites and other networks are prone to attack by hackers. In the present age of eCommerce, online payments for goods and services,

How to Create a Custom WordPress Login URL

WordPress is one of the most famous content management systems used to create websites, so much that it empowers around one-third of the total new websites and blogs which are built every day. Creating a WordPress blog is a task of just a few minutes. But, as we say,

Blogger to WordPress Migration in less than 5 minutes

Blogger is a renowned platform by Google for creating websites and online portals. If we survey a group of bloggers and ask them how they started their blogging journey, “Blogger” or “Blogspot” would be a very common answer to hear. This is because it is one of the oldest

How to Find WordPress Login URL?

WordPress is the best platform for developing websites and blogs. For a fact, nearly 69% of the total websites using a CMS platform are made on WordPress. Although WordPress is a simple platform, newbies need a little time and experience to adapt to the platform. After setting up WordPress

Understand WordPress User Roles and Use Them Like a Pro

WordPress is the most preferred Content Management System for developing stunningly secure websites. There is a reason why nearly 70% of the world’s best websites are being developed on WordPress. Talking about security, the platform provides methods to segregate the users by defining a fixed set of rules for

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress?

Keeping track of your website is crucial if you want to improve your website’s visibility on the search engine and generate more leads from it. Google Analytics is a free tool which helps you to analyze the behavior of your WordPress Blog. The tool gives you accurate stats about

Mastering WordPress Permalinks for Ultimate SEO Results

Permalinks, as the name suggests, are permanent links to pages or posts, categories or tags on your website which makes it easier for your visitors and search engines to navigate around your website. Having a well-organized permalink structure makes your website both user, as well as, search engine friendly. Fortunately,